Pro Tip: Don't fall in love

No good for health. Nuh uh

Avoid it liek the plague.

If you are dumb enough to do t, mak sure is set for life, still having my doubts tho.



my health is already bad so I might as well fall in love


Drink a lot problem solved, can garantee.

Rather good advice

I’m allergic to alcohol though

Drunk thread? :tropical_drink:

FUck, uh… stub toe everyday then, beter thann love.
Hurt less to

@OtisSpunkmeijer never drank my entire life and wil never do it agin


look guys we need to clean this thread up

the volcel lifestyle needs a presentable face

volcel ? blimey this isntthe extremism ive signed up for

mod ban me!

You don’t have to go home but you can’t post here.

Closing this thread as we feel that drunk threads are not conducive to good, solid discussion.

Please stay hydrated.