Problems with waypoint/vice site and Firefox?


I use Firefox, but the vice sites is very slow loading/chuppy? and I think it freezed and locked up Firefox. Also after I turned of add-blockers :wink:

Do anybody else have problems have this problem


I am having a similar issue. Any vice website uses ~20 percent of cpu and is very sluggish on firefox. If I switch to chrome, it works fine.


I really want Waypoint web devs to see this, it’s aggravating how slow it is to read a story when the site is open in Firefox, which is pretty much the main browser I use.
Chrome indeed works fine, which just makes me think they only tested the site layout in Chrome.


Yeah, I have the same issue. Scrolling is slow and stuttery and that’s with NoScript and PrivacyBadger filtering out a bunch of Javascript and Trackers (there appear to be 10 or so tracking elements on the page that PrivacyBadger blocks, but that’s another issue). I just deactivated the “” JavaScript and it was super smooth, so the problem clearly is there (but without JS I can neither use the menu, nor these forums, so…). Chrome Dev tools tell me that Rob’s Destiny 2 article takes up 115 MB in my memory, that can’t be right? But even if I just add up the actual file size transferred, it comes down to almost 30 megs! Modern websites… 30 megs to display a bunch of text and a few images… I also get one error and three warnings from the JavaScript console. But they don’t appear to be anything bad.

#5 could we look into this