'Project Rap Ribbit' Shows How Not to Launch a Kickstarter in 2017

With no gameplay footage and misguided stretch goals, this dream music rhythm game is already sputtering.

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It’s so sad to see it so badly planned…

After Mighty Mess 9 and the lukewarm YookaLaylee I won’t be giving anymore to Kickstarter. I’ll wait for reviews of the final games like a good consumer.

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Not to mention the fact that they say one of their biggest inspirations is Epic Rap Battles of History…

They also did that thing where you think it’s just an announcement that it’s coming out, but the Kickstarter drops a few days later.

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Oof, there are so many bad kickstarter campaigns, and it’s always frustrating to see. I honestly don’t understand how companies can stake so much on a campaign and not even get the basics right.

If your pitch video doesn’t hook the viewer in the first 10-20 seconds, that’s a big problem. You need the audience to get excited to give you money. Not to be rude, but nobody really cares about your long and storied career in the industry, so don’t start your video with that!

The only reliable way to get away with a big goal and no game footage is to have delivered on kickstarter before (Like Harebrained Schemes or Obsidian) and even then, you should start your video with something for the audience to grab onto.

Can’t say I agree with this first statement, but everything that follows in the article pretty much hits the nail on the head.

oof. Not a great start from that dev team.