Project Wingman: Indie Ace Combat

Project Wingman came out yesterday. Its a very impressive game, especially considering it was mostly made by one person.

There are a few things in Wingman that I hope the Ace Combat team notices and adds.

  1. Your team is actually useful and destroys targets, in AC they rarely accomplish anything.
  2. Unlimited flares, in some of the later missions this was a life saver.
  3. Very clear incoming missile indicator. When an enemy shoots a missile at you a triangle appears on your hud, its yellow on one side and red on the other to denote if its in front or behind you, makes it a lot easier to manage and avoid incoming fire.

I finished the campaign last night and really liked the game, the plot was the kind of goofy nonsense I expect from an AC game. Overall, if you like AC this game is for you.


Yeah, I was surprised by this. It was pretty neat. It’s such a target rich environment and they’re a little slow, so you still need to do most of the work, but it was still a good feeling to look around and see your wingmen actually getting kills.

Also, the map is VERY good. In addition to the very good missile indicator, missiles appear on the map, both friendly and enemy.

I only got to the second mission of the campaign, so I don’t have deep thoughts on any of it, but it’s definitely a lot of fun. Anybody who thinks this looks interesting should check it out.

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Near the end of one mission I ran out of ammo and just flew in circles till my team mates finished the battle, wish I could have gone to re-arm but I’m glad I can actually rely on the AI to do some work.

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Hey, did I read correctly somewhere that they’ve only released part of the campaign so far?

Anyway, oh this game. I think I spent a whole day just on the demo when I found out it was a thing and was so giddy the entire time. I wish I’d heard when it was on Kickstarter cause I would have backed in an instant.

I don’t think so. There was a Kickstarter update right before launch that referred to the Campaign as the “first half” of the game’s singleplayer mode, but the “second half” implied by that is actually the Conquest mode. I can see how that might have been telephone-gamed into the Campaign that shipped only being the first half of the story, but AFAIK the Campaign that shipped is complete.

I have finished the campaign, feels pretty complete to me.

Currently almost done with my 2nd playthrough because I wanted to bring a two seater plane on every mission. If you use a 2 seater your PWO has unique dialog and talks to other characters which is pretty neat.

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For those outside the know, canonically Wardog Squadron/The Ghosts of Razgriz all flew F-14 Tomcats at the peak of fighting in the Circum-Pacific War. F-14 Tomcats, besides being the plane that fucks, are of course, as we all know, two seater planes. Mav in the front, Goose in the back. What AC5 didn’t give you was an Anthony Edwards sidekick in the backseat of your plane. In fact, nothing is said of the RIOs in any of the planes in the Four Wings of Sand Island, there’s just a character model in every F-14 that never gets a mention. This was a serious disgrace.