'Project Winter' Is the Best Game About Betrayal This Year

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I checked out Project Winter but TBH it just didn’t do anything for my group.

It felt like an okay take on the genre but it’s missing the fun goofynese of Trouble in Terrorist Town where you wander off because your friend picked up a watermelon and went screaming from the room taunting people to take it from them only to then wander back in 2 minutes later after crushing said watermelon to find another friend has not only been murdered but someone has tried to shove their corpse into a closet like Agent 47 but the arm got stuck and is now spinning wildly because the physics engine can’t comprehend this physical abnormality.

If I had to sum it up Project Winter wants to be a game where as TTT has a game portion to it but most of the fun comes from light goofy RP with friends.

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