PS+ June Games: Life is Strange and Killing Floor 2

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Killing Floor 2 is a first-person co-op zombie shooter set in the immediate aftermath of Killing Floor. Tasked with descending into continental Europe to combat the outbreak of the zombie virus, players will form groups of up to six and work together to eradicate the undead and save civilization.

From there, rewind a bit with the excellent 5-part episodic adventure Life is Strange. Follow the story of Max Caulfield, a photography senior who discovers she can rewind time. Here’s the catch: changing the past can greatly impact the future. See for yourself why this one racked up critical acclaim and numerous awards.

Full lineup:
Killing Floor 2, PS4
Life is Strange, PS4
Abyss Odyssey, PS3
WRC 5: World Rally Championship, PS3
Neon Chrome, PS Vita (crossbuy with PS4)
Spy Chameleon, PS Vita (crossbuy on PS4)

LIS = best month on PS+ in…well a real long time.


Already have Life is Strange on PC, but may as well pick it up on PS4. Killing Floor 2 I’d rather play on PC.

Looking forward to finally trying Life is Strange.

Glad to have a chance to finally try out LiS.

Has anyone played Killing Floor 2? Doesn’t look like my typical jam but I’m intrigued by the co-op stuff. Too bad there’s no local, that’d be fun (I know, a lot to ask these days).

I have been wanting to try LIS for awhile now. Honestly have no idea why I haven’t. Killing floor seems ok, but seems like it will be one of those “download, play, delete” sort of ps+ games for me.

  • Life is Strange I have on PC, but, sure, I’ll take it.
  • Abyss Odyssey I’ve been meaning to play for a while, mostly just because I think there is a lot of interesting design elements in the game.
  • I’ve never even heard of the Vita games.
  • I don’t think I will even bother adding KF2 or WRC to my collection.

A weaker month for me personally, but one I could see a lot people getting their $4 value out of.

Already have Life Is Strange (profile pics checks out) but glad more people will l give it a shot even if they end up not liking it :slight_smile: I’m confident that will bring more people on board for Season 2 though.

Killing Floor 2 is nice I guess. Won’t play it but still a really solid month!


Never got round to LiS so looking forward to this.

Bumping since the games came out today.

[Link] (!/en-us/home/hcid=STORE-MSF77008-MOBILEPLUSCAT)

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I would urge anyone with a Vita (all 3 of us) to pick up Neon Chrome. It’s a very good time waster. Basically a cyberpunk themed twinstick rougelike.

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I watched VoidBurger’s LP of Life is Strange and I thought the writing was…pretty bad throughout. I’m still curious to play it for myself, though. I know it’s probably a different experience to be in the driver’s seat.

Anyone else been kind of disappointed in KF2? There’s been some gameplay improvements and the graphical upgrade is quite large over the first but so far just playing the free weekends on Steam has been enough for me where as I sunk a ton of time into the first. It just feels like more of the same I guess.