PS4 Headset Recs

Can anyone recommend a not expensive gaming headset for PS4? I don’t need anything special, just something for the occasional time where I need to chat for Destiny 2.


I use a Tritton Kama, it sounds great and I picked it up for £20.

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I have a few headsets that I’ve used with the PS4
Requires USB Dongle:

  • PS Gold Headset (amazon)
    – Nice to have audio profiles
    – Does a decent job of simulating 7.1
    – Can charge and use at the same time
    – Works well with PC
    – has 3.5mm jack for use while battery is dead

  • Sony PS3 Wireless Headset (amazon)
    – it does a meh job of simulating 5.1
    – it looks ugly, poor battery life, ears get hot, can’t use while battery is drained, no 3.5mm jack

Plugged into PS4 Controller:

  • Beats Studio Wireless 2 (amazon)
    – I love my beats and you’ll not take them away from me
    – Noise canceling is nice
    – Would be nice if it could simulate that 7.1 like the PS Gold
    – Cord noise can be heard if the aux cable rubs against your shirt
    – More comfortable than the PS Gold

  • Any 3.5mm headphones
    – nice and cheap

Anything in particular you’d suggest? Sub $50?

There’s a few options that might work well for you.

  • PS Silver (amazon)
    – Simulates 7.1 like the PS Gold but must be plugged into the PS4 itself via USB for this to work
    – Can be plugged into the PS4 controller via 3.5mm jack, but you’ll miss out on the 7.1
    – Sits On-Ear instead of Over-Ear. If you wear glasses, that could be an issue?

  • TB PS4 Headset (amazon)
    – Has convienient inline controls for audio
    – Pluggs into PS4 controller via 3.5mm jack
    – Only covers one ear. Depending on your use case this could be a bonus.

  • Samsung Earbuds (amazon)
    – These came with my GS7 or Note5, i don’t remember which.
    – Works like a charm for chatting and earbuds are comfortable enough for longer play sessions.

  • Sony MDR (amazon)
    – headphone style (imo more comfortable than earbuds)
    – reviews say they are semi prone to breaking

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Thanks for taking the time to break this down, this is super helpful!

No problem! While all the items here are linked with Amazon, I’d recommend buying them locally if you can. Much easier to return so you can go through a few options before you find one you really like.

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These earbuds are super cheap and work fine w PS4

Amazon Premium Headphones


Mind if I disagree with that first option? I bought the Silver PS headset back when Taken King came out, and I barely ever used them. I found them completely uncomfortable and my ears were always sore after using them. I generally like on-ear headphones the best, but these don’t have enough padding and put too much pressure on your ears.

If I can throw out a suggestion, I just picked up the Turtle Beach P4C chat headset (amazon). It’s an inexpensive mono-headset just for mic usage and hearing chat. I think the band needs some loosening when you first get it, but it’s been great so far.

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Thanks for the follow up Jacob!

I’d just like to add that if you (or someone else reading this thread) are going to go the cheap earbud route, to beware any headsets with in-line volume controls. The mic usually doesn’t work with the controller, as the current common standard in headphones has the mic and ground pins swapped compared to the PS4 looks for. The sound still comes through fine because the L and R pins are right, but you won’t be able to chat. I tried four different sets of earbuds before finding one that worked (I didn’t want the popular over-ear gaming headsets because I have kids and can’t afford to not hear what’s going on around me). You can read all about the problems here:

Any earbuds with a single button should be okay.

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Yes, you can check MEE audio M6 Pro which are awesome in quality and durable enough.

I’d like to piggyback on this and get some recs for a headset to buy on Boxing Day. I mainly want a wired over-the-ear headset with a solid mic that works well with PS4, Xbox, and PC (possible Switch as well). I’m leaning towards the Turtle Beach XO Three, but I’m open to other recommendations. Thanks in advance!

If you go with the Turtle Beach XO Three:

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Thanks for the info.