PS4Frame AKA Warframe on the Playstation 4 (+ PC)


Hi! I recently started playing warframe (as in I’ve played about a weeks worth) and I’d love to get into it on the whole, I was wondering if it was possible to join the clans and whatnot (I’m also super new to the waypoint forums so I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do)


If you’re on PS4 i can see you the invite (i know we had some problems about it but we can get those sorted when I’m back at my ps4 on monday)


Hello, if there are any spots left, I would also love an invite to the ps4 clan. I started playing after watching the dojo walkthrough on the mod stream and I’m loving it.


Sure. I’ll add you a little later tn


I’d like to join the clan as well. On PS4 my username is Multidirectional. I’m mastery rank 7 and still trying to learn the ropes.


Any advice or tips on what to do if the game freezes deep into a survival (I’m on PS4). Was 40 minutes into Kuva and it appears after it froze it’s all gone


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also don’t watch the teaser unless you’ve completed The Second Dream :V


Thanks! (is it weird I thought it was going to be a real life tea set? :sweat_smile:)


Hey Twitch Prime gets you a free Trinity Prime + slot right now!


Here, this clan got room? Am CaptainMajoris on PC.


Also looking for an invite to the PC clan. Hyetal, same as here.


Will invite you two when I get home tonight! Sorry for the delay, I haven’t been very ‘online’ this week.


If there’s any room in the PS4 clan, an invite would be awesome! PSN is Kybar. Thanks!


Would love an invite to the PS4 clan if there’s still room! PSN: A_Tasty_Sub


Yo! I started playing today and got finally a couple of hours deep after always quitting after the first two missions. Would love to join the PC clan if possible. Name is BwissDewight c: