PS4Frame AKA Warframe on the Playstation 4 (+ PC)


Yall, they’ve turned warframe into both Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077 AND Skate 4 all at once.

Edit: Also, Star Wars Battlefront and Sea of Theives.

God damn.


Haha, only 20 minutes ago I was super hyped that DE are putting hoverboards in the game and now it’s the last thing on my mind. What a demo.


That could have been a demo for a whole new game yo. Like, that’s just a part of what Warframe is as a whole, and that demo contained basically all of Destiny and more besides. It started so strong and then just kept going up. Absolutely wild.


Yea that was so good! That space stuff was so unexpected now I have a reason to level my archwing.


The new expansion trailer draws a looooooot of its aesthetics from labor politics. Will this be the thing that gets WP to cover Warframe?


I mentioned on the discord; but going from Steve saying “Our devs love crunch and its all for you the fans” to the Fortuna reveal felt a bit on the nose


I’m beginning to think that I should play Warframe


Welp, I guess I’m getting Warframe for Switch.


So, do we know if Warframe is going to be anyway cross compatible? If so, it might be worth trying it out now…


If there’s any space left on PC I would love to get an invite! My name in game is the same as my name on this site.


Just dived headfirst into this on the PC and I’m loving it. I tried it out when it first came around and oh boy has it improved a whole lot.

Looking for a PC clan invite if there’s any going? Name is Brennt.


in case you couldn’t watch the Tennocon stream live;


yeah around both the sacrifice update / that line in the presentation i’ve thought about this a lot. especially when waypoint has been doing so much work around crunch.

our discord server, which thankfully reflects a lot more like minded fans, was commenting even on the twitter responses to ash not being delivered or a server being down because of excitement - where whenever there is a delay or issue, the sense of selfish entitlement / angry posts from the gaming community is really disheartening and contributes to the sentiment / culture of crunch - even in y1 destiny whenever anything was delayed or not working properly the ‘fix your shit’ mentality really gets under my skin.


So I jumped in this past weekend after seeing the trailer for the new update and I’m kind of loving it. Like it has some grindy elements, but so far it’s not awful especially for a Free-to-Play game. I’m on PC as VictusUnus, and would love to play with the rest of ya’ll PC players sometime.


PC folks: We’re currently at the member cap for a clan of our size. We’re going to upgrade the clan size soon, but when we do research costs are going to increase, so we’re trying to get a few in-demand items researched before upgrading. Sorry for the delay, and I will post here in the thread when we are upgraded and inviting again.


If there is any room on the PS4 clan I would like to join, I’m in a Giantbomb clan that is super dead MR 13 PSN name jbroad1


New barracks is complete on PC and a couple people were invited! If you were waiting on an invite to the PC clan and still haven’t received it, give me a holler.


Hey, I’d love an invite to the PC clan if there’s still room. In-game name is VictusUnus. Thanks.


I’d love a PC clan invite if there’s still room? I got a random one last night but it’s not The Waypoint so I just declined it.


We renamed the clan a while ago, it is now Real Frames No Gimmicks! So look out for that invite :slight_smile: