PS4Frame AKA Warframe on the Playstation 4 (+ PC)


Ah shoot, that was the one I got last night that I wasn’t sure on hah! Thought it was someone else, oh well.


I did the basically the same thing as Brennt, wasn’t paying attention watching netflix while farming seimeni and declined it thinking it was some random invite.


I will reinvite you both, as well as shoot an invite to VictusUnus, when I get home!


Hi, can I have a clan invite sent to TinKelp on PC?


Hey, so I’m not sure if you folks take new people but I’m MR 4 and not entirely sure what you -do- in a clan but I play often and am willing to learn. If you still have space on PC would you mind sending an invite to ShaveIce87?


Zakhovski for PC clan. I am very bad at this game despite playing since closed beta


The big thing with clans is building research rooms and researching new weapons, gear, and warframes. A room or research project will cost a number of crafting materials which are contributed by the clan members from their personal inventories. Think of it as building something in your foundry but on a larger, communal scale.

Second, you can do is decorate your clan’s dojo. You’re given access to a lot of props you can place around. You can even place them wherever so you can kitbash a giant robot. (Does Austin know about this feature yet?) The Warframe Twitch channel has a show on Thursdays called Prime Time that typically ends with the hosts visiting dojos to see what players have built. You can try watching for inspiration but be warned you might inadvertently get spoiled about quests and associated story revelations if that’s a thing you care about. That is to say from the stream as a whole, not just the dojo visits.


Ah, gotcha gotcha.

I’ll probably skip the streams for now cause I do care somewhat about the story stuff—I kind of like the weird, partially obfuscated lore. I’m building the key to get into the dojo so I guess I’ll take a look around and contribute what I can. Despite playing several MMOs and similarly structured games I’ve never been in a guild-like organization. Thanks!


I saw that we were missing a transporter in our Orokin Lab so I added one. However, it’s all golden colored and doesn’t activate. Does someone with a higher rank need to approve it or something to make it work?


if The object is yellow, it mean you need to contribute resources to build it. If you got enough resources it would turn blue and start building


There’s no option to interact with it so I have no idea how to add resources to it.


There still room in the PC clan? In-game name is Kother. I’d love to zip around space with y’all.


When you go to decoration in the menu, you should be able to highlight the object you want to contribute while your in picture mode



I’ll toss an invite your way tonight!


Oh, that’s where they were hiding it. Thanks!


Looking at that Forty Quid Nyx and Rhino Prime bundle like




You can just farm the parts for it instead if you have the patience.


Definitely doing some grinding, but I’m in need of plat right now so the Deal Sweeteners are looking real tempting.

I’m gonna see where farming can get me first, but at the very least I want that Targis Prime set. Love me a good chest plate.


I’d love an invite into the Warframe PC clan if I can get one! My in-game name is Onydan. :smiley:


I’d like to join the Warframe Discord server. Can anyone DM me an invite, please?^^
Also I’m thinking about joining the Clan, but I’m already in one. So if space is a bit tight it’s not that important, but otherwise my in-game name is SpaceTem.