PS4Frame AKA Warframe on the Playstation 4 (+ PC)


We have plenty of space in the clan right now if you want an invite, but the game doesn’t let me invite you if you’re in a clan. if you do want an invite, just let me know when you’ve left that clan and I’ll shoot one your way.


Okay, I left the clan. Feel free to sent an invite whenever you’re able to :slight_smile:


Hello! I would like to join the pc clan if you have the space. My in-game warframe name is spacejulia


Could someone invite me to the clan on PC, please? My ingame name is same as here


Hiya. I’d like to join the PC clan if you’d allow it. My in-game name is EnigmaticPerformer.


Hey hi, if there’s space in the PC clan my IGN is geektox!


Hello! Could I please have an invite to the PC clan if there is room? My name in game is karcosa.


this is your 1:30pm Hype Train to Fortuna. please keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle.


Hi friends,
Anyone else hyped to lead a workers rebellion in Fortuna later this week?
Do you think they’ll make a mess of it given the relevance of the topic to current anxieties? Or will they nail it?
Lets discuss!


Just a heads up, there’s an existing Waypoint Warframe thread here!


ooh! should i remove this thread and just put it in the replys over there?


moved everyting over for ya!


Warframe’s my Go-To podcast game right now, so it’s gonna be great to play it “properly” again, with the sound and music all turned up etc. Can’t wait for Surfboards and Robot Pals.


Same. Ive been on a break but am super excited to hop back in


thanks for the move!


i love the duality of helping lead an endless war against a infinetly wealthy and evil corporation and also doing sick kickflips its peak videogame.


That’s a back of the box pitch for Warframe if I’ve ever heard one


Grind Rails should be in every videogame.


Here, they’re just called Solar Rails :wink:


i mean.
when you put it like that youre all super right

its peak videogames but its also
PEAK warframe