PS4Frame AKA Warframe on the Playstation 4 (+ PC)


I’m wondering weather changing Energy Colour on Garuda changes the colour of the blood she’s so inty. Wanna get that early 2000s “made the blood green to comply with censorship laws” aesthetic, like perrenial GotY Shadow the Hedgehog.


Cant wait to save the little creatures earn some plushies for the ship


OH JEEZ as if the hoverboards weren’t pulling at my heart strongly enough, now this?? jeez


if the waypoint gang or community streams are up for it id totally watch a saving cute animals stream that would be super chill.

or the leading the worker uprising part that would be good too.
i just want my warframs and waypoints to cometogether :c


I’ll probably do some streaming! PS4 tho


Possibility of Fortuna being released today, per Steve!


Dropping right now, after Red Text demanded it be summoned. Currently leading a singalong in chat.


for anyone that’s missed them, there are multiple promo codes to collect right now. if you haven’t already, go to this page after logging in and type in:

  • TERMINALBIGFLIP (PC only) for an extra K-Drive scrawl
  • SOLARISUNITED (PC, PS4, XB1) for the Solaris sigil
  • EARSON (PC, PS4, XB1) for a supply cache with:
  1. 100 Ducats
  2. 5 Orokin Cells
  3. 3 Nitain
  4. an Orokin Reactor
  5. an Orokin Catalyst
  6. 5 Fieldron
  7. 3 Forma
  8. & an Articula

these codes expire on the 12th, so you only have a few days to get them.


and in the buisness of Free Stuff, watching Warframe streams can net you 2 extremely difficult to get Warframes plus some other goodies. Going on till the 15th.


hows everyone else likeing the update :slight_smile:


Good to see this kind of thing happening. Hopefully, it’s a sign of a changing attitude towards game development in general.


Hey y’all, if there’s room in the PS4 clan I’d like an invite. My PSN name is SLAM-DUCK


ive fallen so hard for the animal conservation thing its so cute to rescue the the cute lil animals and impersonate their calls

also can we acknowledge how just the best ticker is. like they’re the best.
its always bothered me how in games stories it can be like there are people struggling all around me and im walking around with a billion gold in my pocket.
but now tickers here and goes look if you really wanna help some people right now helping the resistance fight is all well and good but if you wanna change someones life RIGHT NOW just clear their repo debt for them, here’s a list of people who need help.
they’re the best and also have

also they call me stardust and it makes me blush
this update is good yall



This update is amazing and made me get back into the game for the first time in like over a year.


If I don’t get you by Sunday night remind me then – sorry busy weekend


A lil bump to this thread because I just learned about this game, saw some footage of it running on the Switch, and am excited to check it out this week. I have been casually scrolling through this thread to get acquainted with the game and system but any pointers or general info folks want to throw out would be greatly appreciated.

Are other folks going to be playing it on the Switch? Anyone want to try and get a group together?


Platinum is the premium currency in the game and you only get one free chunk of it at the start. You should spend it on inventory slots for weapons or warframes. Once you get to Mars you’ll unlock a new feature called Void Relics and Void Fissure missions. The Prime rewards inside the relics can be traded to other players for platinum if you don’t want to buy your own.

Also, if you want, you could start a PC account then have a one-time copy of your account transferred to the Switch version when it’s released. Details on this process are in this forum thread right here.

Edit: Thought of something I wish I knew at the start: If you want to buy super cheap weapons (in both price and quality) go to the Market and type MK1 in the search box. They’re not that great but every rank (level) you earn on equipment up to rank 30 gives Mastery Points which raises your Mastery Rank, your account level. The higher your MR the more equipment, quests, and areas you have access to.


Cool, thank you. Horde platinum with the exception of maxing out my inventory slots, MK1 for cheap weapons, and maybe make a PC account before the game releases. I think I can manage that.

One thing I meant to ask: is this a game one can “solo” or is this really meant to be a multiplayer experience? Playing with folks would be cool and something I would like to do but the reality of my situation is that I typically play most games alone.


You can do both! And the matchmaking is very good so it’s easy to play with but otherwise not interact with randos


Early game stuff can be played solo very easily.

Though on a related note, a quick point about Void Relics and the Void Fissure missions. In a nutshell, the relics are loot crates that you open by running special missions. But the real nice thing is that when you do one with a group, instead of just getting whatever was in your relic, the whole team sees what everyone got and everyone picks the one reward they want. So if a 4-player group gets 3 common rewards and 1 rare, everyone can get the rare reward if they want.

Because of that, playing void fissure missions should always be done in a group.