PS4Frame AKA Warframe on the Playstation 4 (+ PC)


Its been a while since I was starting, they changed the star chart and a bunch more changes happened but one of the main things you should be aware of is how to use and level up mods (fusing them with endo) - your weapons and warframes will reach the highest level (20) fairly quickly, so you will need to see what types of builds you like to use and if you want to upgrade some mods a lot or a bunch of mods a bit. Upgrading mods is the real “progression” early on because you will feel much more powerful with near-maxed damage mods for example.

The one general bit of advice I would give you is to set yourself quick and medium-term achievable goals in the game. There is a lot of farming and a lot of resources, and it can be very overwhelming. You can focus on opening up all the planets or on getting to a particular warframe (Rhino and Valkyr are really good early on for example) or weapon (you can buy weapon blueprints for credits which you will get a lot of through normal play, but then various weapons will require specific resources that you will have to farm, so pick those that are within reach), with clear goals the grind will be much easier.

Warframe Wiki, where you can get all the drop locations and basic explanations of systems, and youtube are your friends. Keep in mind also that you want to find the most recent videos because there have been so many changes in the game that a year old video can be utterly irrelevant. If you hear Fusion Cores or Void Keys then you’re digging too deep :slight_smile: My favourite warframe youtubers are Tactical Potato, Mogamu and Rob from A Gay Guy Plays but there are A LOT of them so just find the ones whose jib cuts you like :wink:

Share your games writing/criticism!

piggybacking for the general advice,

if you care allot about story content stay away from devstreams and primetimes and such because they talk about endgame mechanical spoilers all the time, this game has one of the coolest story and mechanics based reveals in games right now that’s super worth discovering for yourself. just focus on working your way through the star chart and quest content and enjoy the twist, its unlikely to get spoiled for you in game as the community is fairly good about that, enjoy the big reveal in “the second dream” quest.

2 super solid warframe recommendations for new players is Rhino and Oberon both can be built relatively cheaply and quickly and will carry you to the end of the starchart no worries same with the hek shotgun and grakata machinegun.

when it comes to picking your first warframe at the beginning Excalibur is the most well rounded and the best choice imo.

if you do go into a mission with other players don’t be surprised or get too dismayed if high level dudes literally fly through the level at 10 million mph either killing everything or completely ignoring everything but the main obj. you’ll pick up the muscle memory for the movement and tile familiarity and be going as fast as them in no time, its worth gathering resources and taking your time at low rank to build up your stockpiles. and killing enemies for the xp.

try to always have a some equipment building so you can keep rising your profile rank and your not stuck not leveling something.

good luck tenno. see you around the origin system.


Oh another small tip about weapons which is kinda a noob-trap. You get blueprints from the marketplace (for the majority of weapons). If you go from the equip screen it will offer you the weapon for Platinum (which you don’t want), and if you search for the weapon in the marketplace it will bring up the buy option. But you’ll see an option on the bottom right of the screen (R1 on PS4?) to buy the blueprint instead which is what you want.

Regarding the Solo/non-solo question- I find Warframe to have the least annoying implementation of MM I’ve used. I think it’s helped massively by being (basically) PvE only and generally having short missions, so you never really get too annoyed with others. There is no need for communication, even at the higher levels, and most people are super friendly to new players

Also, there are daily log-in bonuses. Don’t know how they’ll work on Switch, but assuming they are like console it’ll be 25/50/75% off a single in game platinum purchase. This is the only time it’s worth buying things (colour palettes are nice for the 25/50% off ones) and the 75% one is a great time to buy a Warframe since it will cost ~50 plat, and will come with a Reactor (15 plat) and a free Warframe slot (20 plat). So the frame itself is pretty cheap.

The four frames people recommend to buy (in the order I would get them are Nidus/Mesa (I prefer Mesa but she requires a lot to get the most out of her), Harrow, Octavia.


Frost and Rhino are great frames you can farm relatively early


Very excited for the Switch release, I’ve wanted to play the game since I first saw it, but never had a computer strong enough to run it or a PS4


If anyone ever find themselves literally stuck in a object, behind a wall or anywhere you shouldn’t be. Type “/unstuck” in chat and you should be moved to a safe location to move around. It works on consoles too.


Couple of starting tips:

  • I 100% echo the Blueprint advice. When it comes to weapons, I too highly suggest buying the blueprint from the Market and using resources to build it.

  • It sounds pretty simplistic, but I’d advise getting a grasp on the different mission types. Even though some missions can seem pretty complicated when you first start, you can grasp their mechanics after playing only a couple times. Still, there are ways players can mess up missions or make things unnecessarily harder for everyone involved. I cut people some slack when they’re pretty new to the game, but I still say when in doubt, you can always ask for help/clarification!

  • For every weapon and warframe you get your hands on early to mid game, I’d recommend leveling it up to the max level (Level 30), even if you don’t plan on using it anymore. Reason being is that in Warframe, your account has an overall “Mastery Rank” that limits which weapons you can use. To increase your Mastery Rank, you simply need to accrue mastery points which you automatically get from leveling up weapons and warframes. After getting enough points, you then take a “mastery rank test” which is just a little challenge mission that showcases some random mechanic of the game. You can always check how many more points you need to get to the next Mastery Rank by looking at your profile info.

  • This was kind of mentioned above, but I’ll echo the sentiment: Heads up, Warframe can be a very overwhelming game with tons of mechanics and things to do (even at the start of the game), and the game doesn’t always do the greatest job of telling you what you should/could be doing, or even how to do it. Focusing on whatever small goal you want is a great way to approach the game, and you’ll naturally pick up an understanding of lots of other stuff just through playing.


is the waypoint warframe group still a thing? thinking about trying it again


PC clan is live and kicking. PS4 is idling waiting for the Fortuna update.


[obligatory wow I can’t believe how good this game is on the Switch] post

Joking aside, with only an hour under my belt or so this game has been a lot of very nice mindless fun. I am garbage at shooters but the way you move and how floaty everything feels is making up for it in this case. I haven’t made it to a point where any of the advice offered in this thread has been immediately relevant but looking forward to chugging along.


Played a little bit of the switch version last night; yeah the visuals are a little blurry, yeah the framerate might be a little choppy, yeah the aiming might not feel perfect, but it’s so, so impressive to see this game running on this little handheld console.

I’m still going to stick with the PS4 version (I really wish there was cross-progression) but it’s super cool that this game is on this platform.


How exactly would one go about joining the PC clan?


Just let me know your in game name on PC and I’ll shoot you an invite!


If you are shooting things you’re doing it wrong … Not super serious, but one of the great things about the game IMO is how powerful a lot of the abilities are to the point where many frames just hardly ever need to shoot traditionally :+1:


Also melee, with the right set up (which admittedly will take you a while to get) you can run around melee only in end game with no problem. Early on you can do that as well honestly as the enemies aren’t that powerful.


OK, amp question.

I have missed the Eidolon train so I am now just getting to grips with the Quills by farming sentient cores from Vomvalysts. Looks like it’ll be around 100 per night cycle, so 10’000 standing. I unlocked tier 1 with the Quills and about 40% into unlocking Tier 2.

Will a combo of tier 1 and 2 amp parts be OK for Eidolon hunting in random groups? Unlocking tier 3 just by farming Vomvalysts seems like it will take forever so I just want to have an amp that is not completely awful and with which I can still contribute. Thoughts?


The actual answer to amp farming is: don’t bother. Amps are complete trash and you literally never use them.


I want to do those Eidolon fights though, and I have a feeling that the big spiders in Orb Vallis will also require amp stuff


I mean, I went thorugh the trouble of making an amp and I’m glad I did. It’s a nice toy to play around with as much as any other weapon in the game really, and a perfectly fine goal to work towards. And I’m also in the camp of thinking the Orbs will probably be similar to eidolons, so they’ll likely help with that. But I felt I could contribute pretty meaningfully to the single eidolon hunt even with a base amp.


For starting your amp build, I think anything is good as long as you can kill vomvalyst. Later on you want something that does aoe to take on multiple targets. For taking on Massive eidolon I would reccomend playing support roles such as trinity to heal group or give energy. You might want a sniper rifle such as lanka with radiation to do some damage on its second phase. I did encounter some spiders with a purple bar for its hp and I find amp to be effective against it