PS4Frame AKA Warframe on the Playstation 4 (+ PC)


When it comes to amp building just having something that isnt just the base amp (mote) is more than good enough for hunts in pub groups as long as its leveled and guilded. only the snootyest hunting groups looking to do all 3 in a night in record time would turn you away for not having the meta amp. the main thing is making sure you have the correct frame and gear for effective hunting more so than the amp type so a minimum construction is just fine

good hunting tenno.


OK looks like I’ll just go for 1-1-1 then, and see how it goes later! Thanks a lot everyone!


When it’s nighttime, go to Konzu and pick up a bounty for the eidolon teralyst. Your mote amp will be be sufficient for that and you get a decent chunk of affinity for each synovia on the teralyst that’s destroyed.


2-1-2 was the recommended amp for me when I began, seemed to do well enough. Also, belatedly, but are you pick-pocketing the voms with Ivara? Because if not, do that to double your farm rate


I’m all in for 1-1-1 at this point, farming all the stuff to make those, it’s pretty incredible just how much farming I have to do for even this basic thing.

Yea I saw that advice somewhere, but I still would like to have a bit of fun while farming so limiting mobility is a huge pain in the ass. I farmed enough cores now to buy the 1-1-1 components so don’t need to do that anymore, but thanks anyway :slight_smile:


Is this… does this, like… break down into resources or… uh…


If your into the holiday spirit you could make a trophy and hang it on the wall as your holiday stocking. Fortuna also have corpus boots too


Two things I’d like to bring up for the PC clan:

  1. We need two more people to start the ascension ceremony. Go to the dojo and interact with the blue light in the hall where you spawn.
  2. We are in dire need of cryotic and mutagen samples to finish some research projects. I know they are fairly rare resources but if you have any to spare it would be nice to push these along so we can research more equipment.


Hey add me to the clan, in game “Sevolode” :slight_smile: I was in the giant bomb clan for a while but haven’t really interacted with anyone there for a long time, so would be happy to help out here (cc @InvisibleTed)


If there’s room in the PC clan I can help out with that research. In game as Atlas91.


Could I get an invite to the PC clan? In game name is PouncingPorcupine. Thanks.


Is it just me or is this game supremely bad at providing the player with information? I’ve defeated Vor, and now I have absolutely zero idea what I’m supposed to be doing. There are mechanics and resources and level gauges everywhere and tons of lists of things I suppose I’m supposed be doing to progress but I have no idea how I’m supposed to do any of the things it wants me to do.

Is this just me being completely blind to what the game is telling me to do or is this a common thing? I’m liking the game but it’s super frustrating not to have any idea how I’m supposed to progress.


It deinitely gets better at this later on, but unfortunately because it’s an ongoing game the stuff they’ve learned as they’ve gone on hasn’t really been applied backwards all that much. On a broad scale progress is working your way through the planets and doing the quests, but you’re still gonna want to set little personal goals like “ima build this weapon” or “gonna properly kit out my Valkyr Prime so she’s absolute Top Shit”.


I just don’t know how I’m supposed to progress through earth or get the resources I need. Like, It’s lighting up venus conjunction and Cetos (which is laaaaaaggy) but I have no idea what I’m supposed to do there. I haven’t met the requirements for Venus, so that makes sense but apparently I have to do a fusion to do that but I have no idea how that even works or what it is. As for Cetos, I went there, went to the planes and got bodied by the first enemies I met. It just seems so confusing.

Edit: And that’s not even to mention that I still haven’t seen a blueprint outside of the 4 you get from the beginning.


youre absolutely right warframe absolutely sucks at parsing its info to new players so its lucky that people tend to be open to answering questions in the game and elsewhere

okay so

for weapon blueprints open the warframe market and tick the blueprints only option to allow you to buy weapon blueprints for credits, the lower cost weapons will be easier to build

dont worry about the plains yet would be my advice

interms of progressing ignore EVERYTHING other than quests, plant clearing and junctions. take the junction requirements 1 at a time and maybe use the wiki or the codex to look up terms you dont understand. there is a search function in the codex.

fusing is the process of using endo to upgrade a mod, go to your mod bench and take a mod youve put on a weapon such as serration for rifle damage and select it, in the top left there will be a fuse button which upgrades the mod at the cost of endo and credits, this is the primary way that you will become more powerful in the game so play with it and understand it. untill youre mod library is pretty full it wont affect you too much and you cant mess yourself up by experimenting. the auto mod install function works from for most of the starchart content so if modding leaves you completely lost just use the auto install in the arsenal to mod your equipment.

good luck tenno


Yeah, in theory there’s an in-game encyclopedia to help with resource info, but in reality you’re better off searching the wiki for that stuff.

Cetus has a quest that will get the basics of what it’s whole deal is, from a lady to the west of the market when you come in, which should help with understanding it’s own internal systems and the like.

Most blueprints are in the shop terminal, but there’s no real way to just like, browse for some new guns or knives you might like, as far as I know. If you see someone with something nice in matchmaking, check what they’re using and search for it, it might have a blueprint.

Fusion is leveling up mods in the terminal you get in the tutorial quest, it’s a weird name choice that makes you think it’s something it isn’t.

Basically, it’s a game that’s designed, and continues to be designed, for people who are already in deep. It’s a problem a lot of ongoing games really should address better to be honest. If what it’s putting down conceptually strikes a chord though, or even if you just wanna see some baller hard sci-fi story stuff, it’s well worth the investment, because it’s absolutely got eveyrthing you want if you’re willing to take the long drive.


Thanks y’all, this is extremely helpful. I think I’m gonna take a break for today, because this game is a lot but I’m gonna keep with it for sure.


I am still intermittently struggling to find my way through the star chart, but I found this progression chart incredibly helpful? It shows the level progression / flow of planets far more effectively than the in-game options do, and even just using this to plot paths across planets from one junction to another to open up my next levelling area was very helpful?

Good luck, Tenno!


For those who may not have heard yet, the Fortuna Expansion releases on PS4 and XB1 today!

Happy hoverboarding, Tenno!


Hi gang

watching the dev streams (120) recently made me pretty hype for the next to be released frame baruuk, a monk style melee focused frame with designs inspired by traditional African tribe visuals.
but something really stuck me as off and bad about him
i made a feedback post about it hoping to gain some attention with ‘mixed’ results from other forum readers and wondered if people here thought the same / would be interested to know. And maybe i could get some advise on how to take this further? or whether i’m over-reacting or even that its not my place to levy such criticisms as a white English dude.
i’m not looking to create a huge drama i just want it to reach the eyes of the people it needs too so maybe it can be addressed.

thanks for reading.