PS4Frame AKA Warframe on the Playstation 4 (+ PC)


I didn’t see the dev stream, but going off how you described it this seems like a totally valid point that DE should’ve caught earlier. Don’t use the word savage anywhere near something that’s based on Africa or African culture, period, now and forever.

The response you got was about what I expected. Warframe reaches such a wide range of people that the community has both the nicest, most generous members and also just the grimiest internet creeps. Even in a case this clear cut, that can also be chalked up to an accidental oversight, there’s going to be someone that tries the “You’re being too sensitive” defense to avoid engaging with the actual issues. It’s still worth talking about in the hopes that someone higher up sees it and realizes that hey, this is pretty gross and easy to fix.


Thanks for posting this here, I replied on the forums, where I never go so would not have seen this. You have perfectly legitimate concerns and it is good that you are putting them out there!


Is the PC clan still taking on new members?
If they’re still sending out invites, my username is MagicFlounder. Thanks!



This is extremely valid criticism. It sucks that the forums is somewhere between mixed and unreceptive to that criticism, but I’m really hoping DE notices this. I think they kind of stumble into some problematic things like this generally accidentally, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. I feel a similar way, though not to quite the same degree, about valkyr’s Hysteria ability.


the update is now live and, good news, the ability name was changed!


This update looks huge! Aaaand I’m nowhere near the required rank at Solaris United to tackle these things… Let’s hope they’ll knock it down after a bit.

And Good On You @CritFumble, someone at DE must have seen that thread. You did a good thing!


they changed the name??

oh my god my crops are watered my skin is clear this is so much better
and serene storm is a way cooler name anyway

whatever thr reason they’ve changed it either from my post or it was just a place holder doesnt really matter im just glad its not what it was

thanks for the support guys it really means allot
much love for the waypoint tenno


My Girl Mesa looks so good in gold, yall. She got those wide shoulders, a high collar, and belts for days. I love her so much.

And still with these ridiculous prices on the prime stuff. Like, if that accessories pack was a tenner or so I’d have snapped it up, what a treat! But it’s 33 quid and it does’t even come with any play for your troubles. It’s absolutely ridiculous. And 100 odd quid for any sort of DLC thing, let alone a character, some weapons and some dress-up toys, is still beyond the pale. I’ve no idea how much they make from these prime launch packs, but there’s no way it wouldn’t be more if they set the price point so that you don’t have to go into debt for it.


if anyone wants a kick-start with finding the Lore Fragments, i managed to find Eudico’s first fragment by accident :V

i found it in the cave system north of the reservoir:


near the bottom of the cave you should find a hole with coolant coming out:

it’s too small to walk through, but you should be able to slide into it and find your first fragment!


I’ve started playing a lot of Warframe on PS4 and wondering if there’s a waypoint ps4 clan that’s active and has openings. Username is Lambda-Naught on PSN


There is! @M_o is in charge of PS4 clan invites, so they should be able to help you out.


I’ll get ya tonight. Clan is a little slow rn but I know a lot of us are planning to dive into fortuna soon