PS4Frame AKA Warframe on the Playstation 4 (+ PC)


Not 100% sure, but I believe that’s the thing you need the ‘Tech’ permission for. Do you know if you have it? I’m currently a ‘soldier’ role, and don’t have that permission and am not able to contribute resources.

(I’m with you, I’m fine without being able to build and modify rooms, etc. but would like to be able to contribute resources where needbe)


according to the wiki, you can contribute resources once building gets underway by donating them at the planned location. you’re pretty much dropping stuff off in front of a room until it has enough to be fully built.


Ye olde wikie also indicates that some planning before construction of anything might be a good idea.

Here’s a tool somebody cooked up that seems handy:


Ah, so the person with permissions just sets up the room, its still up for anyone to contribute the resources to make it happen. Cool


They also need to build a trading post so we could trade mods if we got anything to spare. We also need forma which is crucial to build rooms. Formats can be farmed by cracking open relics.


Oh yes a trading post is good to have.

Also, if you need to trade before that’s set up, you can go to Maroo’s Bazaar on Mars and trade with other players there. Once there, you have to open up your gear menu, and you’ll see a button prompt to “set up shop” and allows you to trade.


Is there still room in the Waypoint clan? I play on PC with the GB alliance but recently started dipping my toe into the PS4 version for a change of pace and some perspective on the new player experience.

Some clan info:
Warlords can set permissions for each role (clan tab -> clan management -> edit hierarchies). “Architect” is required to begin room construction (or destruction!) and “Tech” is required to begin research projects. Once begun, though, both research projects and construction take contributions by any member.

Restricting “Architect” is the way to go, but since almost all lab research can run concurrently it probably doesn’t matter too much who has the “Tech” permission.

A Treasury can be nice to let players contribute credits for future projects. Only people with the “Treasurer” permission can pull treasury resources for projects, though.


Right now the clan is on the first tier which can only hold up to 10 but once we get the ball rolling and build some energy rooms and a extra barrack we should be able to invite more.

Just remember the hire tier we are, more extra fee we pay (cost x3, x10, x30)


Gotcha, thanks! I’ll keep an eye on this thread then.

And yeah, it’s quite a jump from Ghost to Shadow, so I understand wanting to wait to upgrade
until things are more established. Hopefully one day we’ll get better scaling clan tiers.


very helpful, thx!


There are only 7 members so far so you might be okay, depending on how many people have been invited but not accepted yet


So being a space ninja is pretty fun it turns out. If anyone wants to coop early stuff feel free to add me on psn (SalamanderIV) don’t think I’ll be much help at the moment to a clan but I think more space ninjas the better.


Welp, this thread finally convinced me to start playing. Feels great so far and wow yeah the person who said it was systems heavy was not joking. I wish the matchmaking was a bit better though? I’ve had multiple occasions of the game saying there are open squads but it throws me in solo and I never get joined by anyone. Or is there some trick to matchmaking I’m not getting (also feel free to add me on PSN: princessrichard)


I think open squad is slightly misleading. In my experience its just there to give you an idea of how busy the node is (as opposed to private/solo players). Also, there is a limit to how late you can join a group so often it might be that they have just done too much of the objective for the game to be able to let you join


I ended up changing to NA servers (from Oceania) and magically Co op has happened


Cool! It definitely has MM/lag issues; I did my only raid with an Australian host and doors just wouldn’t open for me. I said this and he said “yeah they will” and ran straight through the still closed door on my screen. Still wouldn’t open for me. That was interesting


Okay, couple WARLORD questions:

In terms of permissions, most everyone is currently a soldier? What’s the best rank to have everyone hanging out at?

For the Dojo: Build order should be 1) Hallway 2) Labs/Barracks 3) Trading Post?


I think it’s fine if majority of people are soldier rank. I believe as a warlord you can manually change the permissions of members anyway, so it may just be better to have fewer definite defined roles (instead of making use of all of them) and give a few more permissions to the soldier rank.

As for the building order, I believe once you kick off the building process (even contribute one piece of material) for something, you can start building something else, and eventually just have have multiple stuff building concurrently.

But yes, I’d just recommend setting up those labs whenever you get the chance.


First Hallway and Elevator are planned! They need Nano Spores and Forma. Going to do roughly this kinda design


Nice! The earliest I’ll be able to get on is Thursday, but once I’m on, I’ll see what still needs resources and contribute where I can :slightly_smiling_face: