PS4Frame AKA Warframe on the Playstation 4 (+ PC)


I’ve got a lot of materials stocked up. At this clan size I think I can probably afford to cover a few rooms on my own.


Looks good. Just contributed for both rooms so should be done building now


Is there a thread for PC warframe discussion? I only ask because I’m really established on PC, and already belong to a large, established clan. However, I’d also love to engage with Waypoint warframe players, so I think it’d be cool to have a Waypoint PC Warframe clan if enough people are interested. If enough people are into the idea, I’d be happy to start one up, but my time to play is pretty limited.


Not a bad way to start just make sure you have enough room for expansion for some upcoming rooms in the future. Also i would recommend you place a barrack in the reactor dungeon area when you want to up-size the clan.

Here’s a map for the Giantbomb pc clan if you need some ideas in the future. It has two floor which the second floor just have reactors and barracks


I recently got into Warframe on PC (and don’t own a PS4 so playing there is completely out of the question) and I’d also be interested in a PC clan for Waypoint.


Gonna try and get at least the Reactor / Labs built before going for the Barracks (unless we hit the cap and need it), that way we’ll save on cost, right?

Feel free to use this thread, or start your own if you think crosstalk would be too much!


So I made a slight error, or I’m missing an option somewhere.

The elevator to the reactor dungeon just finiished…

except it goes up not down? lmao

did I miss a setting when I put the blueprint down? do I need to trash this room and rebuild it so it goes down?

should we as a clan just enter thru the basement and then take an elevator up to the main floor? (this is a digital pyramid after all)



When you go to place some rooms there’s a little arrow at the bottom right corner of the mini-map preview, right above the ENERGY readout. Clicking that rotates connector hallways and, in the case of elevators, toggles them ascending or descending.

It’s not very clear, and dojo architecture mistakes happen to everyone!

If you want it to go down you’d need to trash and rebuild it, yes, and make sure that it’s highlighted blue in the preview. Note that destroying it refunds all the material cost to your clan’s vault, so anyone with the Treasurer permission (including you, if you’re Warlord) can pay the cost straight from the vault to rebuild it immediately. It’ll just cost you time to destroy and rebuild.

You can also set your dojo spawn point to any of the clan hall variants, so you could build another one “below” and make that your new ground floor.


oh, setting the spawn point below could be the look!


Alright, so I’ve gone ahead and made a PC clan, called The Waypoint (I’m not particularly creative). Please just give a shout here in the thread if you’d like an invite! (Include your in-game name please!)

I’ve gone ahead and started building a trading post in order to better offload free stuff (useful starting mods) onto people. My priority is building labs, so we can start researching clan weapons asap. I already have all the blueprints from my old clan, but unfortunately they are not tradeable.

Beyond the labs, I have no real plan set out for the dojo, so I’d love to give build permissions to someone passionate about that.

If PC discussion picks up, I’ll probably create a new thread, but for now it should be fine!


I’m new to Warframe, but in hard - I just hit MR6 and played through The Second Dream and OMG did this game blow my mind =)

My PC Name is ViNull - I play with my brother and oldest child (HS Senior) who both play less than me so may not be able to contribute as much to the guild costs, but if that is okay please invite me.

I have been wanting to find a clan that was “cool” and it finally dawned on me to check the Waypoint forums (that PC thread may be worth it if others are looking) =)


Definitely do not worry about not contributing enough. Resource costs are super low for small clans, and I have hundreds of thousands of the basic resources. Sending an invite now!

As an aside, you will have to craft a dojo key in order to visit the clan headquarters after joining. It doesn’t take much resources, but it does take 12 hours to craft. You can still chat and join clan members’ games, but just be aware of that!


What’s your in-game name?


My in-game name is Ssoouupp


i’d love to join the PC clan - my username is BrokenTempo.


Key crafted now and should be able to visit tonight - my brother’s in game name is WillithNiall and the eldest is ExtraFish (but won’t be on until Friday at the earliest)


Oracle, Trading post, and another hallway are all cooking if you wanna contribute! I bought the Zephyr pack which comes with 2700 Platinum (!!!) so I’ve been using some of it to speed the process along


Another video that gives a more direct frame/primary/sniper answer to Austin’s question here (good starter things);

Regarding mods, I would counter what he said with two of my memories from this game is from finding the early mods, so I would say give it a good run trying to get them to drop, but ask if you ever get sick of the grind. I’m sitting on enough of the basic ones to outfit the clan currently :slight_smile:


Rushed the Oracle, so now we got 3 Labs cookin and another connector, the labs just need forma, the connector needs forma and nano spores.


Cool. When you get the chance go a build a Ascension altar. that way when the clan ranks up we can collect some decent amount of endos. But i recommend waiting until everyone is active enough to claim their endos.

So far the best way to get some formas is to crack open some relics or wait for a reward from invasions in the navigation menu