PS4Frame AKA Warframe on the Playstation 4 (+ PC)


Speaking of ascension altars, ours is complete in the PC clan. I wasn’t sure how it starts, so I hit participate, and it has officially begun! I had meant to also wait for more people to be around for it, but woops.

Long story short, interact with the glowy altar in the PC clan great hall to receive 1000 free endo.

Another dojo update: Our reactor and hallway are both complete, and in 24 hours we will have an oracle. Round then we can probably start one of the three labs with our open node before the next hallway segment will be complete/funded. Any opinions on which lab folks want first?


cool, ill drop that down later tn, was gonna ask what i should be looking to next after the labs are set up


I would say get the orokin lab asap because it has bp for some dragon keys which is great for doing corrupt mod runs


Ha, we just planned out a PC clan on the discord before actually checking if the forums had one in the works. I’m greyfinality on pc, hit me up sometime.


I would love to join the PC Clan. I’m in Europe and play very casually due to parenthood. The username is Quak0r


How many here who play on PS4 live in Europe? Since time zones and such can really screw things up for me since i don´t have that much time to play games.


Went to invite you, but it says you’re already in a clan. I think this also happens if you have a pending clan invite.


usually i’d say we should go for the Tenno lab since that also unlocks colour options but since it looks like the Plague Star is coming back this week, i’d recommend the Bio lab so people can get the blueprints for the Infested Catalyst.


Tenno Lab and Bio Lab are both being built now, as well as two more reactors

gonna need to look at the base builder to plan out how to do the next stuff haha


when reading into builds, I keep seeing mods that have this bold white border around them (primed flow / continuity / stretch below). are there like, different or improved versions of the same mods in warframe?


Primed mods are another form of power creep added by DE. Basically these ones go up to 11.

So not super useful until you have some forma onto the weapon/frame and a catalyst/reactor to get 60 capacity, but once you have that capacity they allow you to put more points into the primed version than the regular one


aha, that makes sense. thanks!


Since I didn’t contribute to the initial builds, rushed a few of the labs and put materials in - as far as research priorities will leave it to much more experienced players.

Digital Pyramids starting to look like a real thing (with backwards elevator for the brand)


Sorry, still had the start of the Discord clan on there. Try the invite again.


To add onto what branwen said, those ‘Prime’ mods can be bought from Baro Ki Teer, a trader NPC who appears in a relay on a random planet every two weeks Friday-Sunday (and if my internal biological warframe clock is correct, he should be here tomorrow). He usually only sells a couple per visit, or none at all.

Finally, in order to buy anything from Baro, you need credits AND Orokin Ducats. Ducats are a type of currency that can be obtained by breaking down unwanted weapon/warframe ‘prime’ parts (e.g. Boltor Prime Stock), at terminals on a planet’s relay.

P.S. You may also see primed weapon mods (Prime Pressure Point, Prime Fast Hands, etc.)!


And as an added bonus with console being 2 rotations behind PC you can always(?) know what he’s bringing. Primed Point Blank tomorrow for my Tigris Prime oh yeah


I was also part of the Discord group that wanted to start a PC clan together, and then I found this thread :upside_down_face: I’d love an invite! In-game name is violetcrimes.


Anyone in the ps4 clan the ascension alter has be activated. Best to act now because it ends in 57 hrs


I’d be happy to help get the clan up and running. I’m in the ResetERA clan atm but I’d be happy to join later.


PC folks: Would we want to join the Giant Bomb alliance? From my understanding, this would mostly affect alliance chat (having a larger group of people to communicate with in-game, distinct from clan chat), and solar rails/dark sectors (which I frankly do not understand). I personally don’t see any reason not to, but I wanted to open it up to discussion.