PS4Frame AKA Warframe on the Playstation 4 (+ PC)


Not a problem! I’ve been playing the game for a bit over a year, and one of our clan members is very good at sifting information, so I sort of tag along in her footsteps and try to remember important things. And you’re right about what happens to pets if they die on a mission!..for doggos. Kavats (cats) never lose their loyalty, no matter how many times they die/are revived/actually die on a mission.

It’ll be very interesting to see what happens to that system when they bring out the Moa pets. Robo-birbs!


The Discord is almost ready to go! Currently getting the channels and roles all set up and will be ready to invite folks later tonight or tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:

@BunnyWarlock I’d appreciate you doing some dojo future-proofing! I’ve done a fair bit of building but not enough to know what’s really useful or efficient.


I’m kinda confused now. Someone on Discord was talking about a Warframe clan named Popplio Pals but I got invited to a clan called the Waypointers. What’s the PC clan’s name now?


The PC clan that originated here on the forums is called the Waypoint (because I am uncreative).


Popplio Pals is the Destiny 2 pc clan, maybe that was the mix up?


Yeah, Popplio Pals is the name we gave to the PC clan that originated on the Waypoint Discord, before we found out that y’all already had one here. We decided to move over to the The Waypoint clan to keep us all in one place!


Ok, people should have build privileges for the PC dojo, please let me know if it’s still not working!


it’s working!
the spare reactor’s cooking now - once it’s done, i can destroy the other one and start building.

(by the way, the resources that went into a destroyed room go into the clan’s vault to be reused; in case anyone was concerned that i would be wasting materials.)


The Discord is ready!
This link expires after 25 uses; I’m guessing we’ll invite people by request in the future, similarly to the Waypoint discord, but for now we’re small enough that I’m not concerned about sharing it publicly yet :slightly_smiling_face:


“i know”, i said unknowingly, “i’ll go look for the Thousand Year Fish statuettes! it shouldn’t take too long!”


whoa the bot tools for alerts are rad, thanks for setting up!


There is an Orokin Catalyst alert up fro the next hour


PS4 Clan - What should we build next? I was thinking a third floor that would have the observatory / dueling room / parkour room in it? but was curious if there was something else


Maybe some open space for anyone who want to decorate the dojo or create some crafty art stuff. Also it might be a good idea to build some transporter pods which makes traveling between floors and rooms faster then taking the elevator


that’s the plan. I want the third floor to be the remainder of purposeful rooms (observatory, dueling room, obstacle course) and a ton of gardens, which I assume are open space?


Gardens are good, but for people who want to make extravagant dojo art installations the best rooms are probably the large clan halls and the observatory. The halls have a lot of vertical space and high decorating capacity; the observatory can be glitched out of to let you decorate in space.

Unfortunately, because you have to build the clan halls sequentially, if you want to eventually make one of the larger clan halls the main clan hall it can take some dojo rejiggering to get things worked out.


I was gonna build the next clan hall as what the elevator towards the third floor opens to, and an observatory off that, which should be a start


As much as I like this game I think Id like it way more without mastery tests.

I wouldn’t care if they didn’t lock weapons behind it.


There’s only a couple that are particularly tough, I found. There’s a few tricks to get past the roughest.


It should also be noted that you can practice mastery tests in Cephalon Simaris’ room in any relay. There’s a hallway to the right with a little stall for every mastery test, just find your next test and hit practice. I pretty much always practice first because they’re almost always either incredibly easy or super unfair.