PS4Frame AKA Warframe on the Playstation 4 (+ PC)


I’ve had problems with three in a row now and though I do take advantage of the practice the pressure of perfrorming in your one shot every 24 hours is stressful.

I realize that part of the reason is that I’m kinda bad at games in general but in a game that gives you so many options to play forcing these tests to gate progression is a huge bummer.


As someone bad at games: it is very stressful, and it doesn’t help that there’s a string of MR tests - from about 8-13 - that are not just your standard “shoot mob” tests. (I think MR 14 opens with Space Mom saying, “This is your hardest test yet” and it is your standard “kill dudes” test. Funny joke, DE.) I’ve failed multiple tests at this point, and that twenty-four wait is really…annoying.

Practicing a bunch helps; you have unlimited practice, so you can just run it a couple of times a day until you feel comfortable enough to try the test part of it. YouTube is helpful here, too; there are multiple tutorials for each test, ranging from legitimate options to helpful tips to cheeeeeese. (Energy pancakes are usable in tests, for instance.) You will still continue to gain levels behind the MR gate, too, so you don’t need to take the test immediately to keep progressing; the game keeps track of and adds on that experience as you go. So really, take them as you feel up to it; you’re not stopping your progress so much as pausing between levels.


I just had this one. It was. surprising


Yeah, I almost got the MR9 test the second time around so I know I can do it. I just wish I knew which Youtube vids were on the current version because the one where you use max range whip to cheese it looks hilarious.


Some tips you may already know for MR9:

  • Equip the Enemy Sense or Enemy Radar Warframe mods if you can to help keep tabs on patrols with your minimap. Ivara’s passive also works, if you have her.

  • Movement is totally silent so you can sprint, jump, bullet jump, roll or whatever else right behind enemies and they won’t notice unless you’re in their vision and you don’t touch them.

  • If you have one, a throwing weapon (Glaive, Cerata, Halikar, Kestrel or Orvius) is very useful for taking out patrols at range; just one or two basic damage mods should be enough, unless you happen to have Whirlwind. They generally have a throw range of around 25 meters, and you can place a waypoint on top of your target to track its distance. Since you can’t dual-wield during the test, make sure that you’re far enough away that enemies can’t see you and don’t notice the quick melee before your throw. You also don’t want your glaive to whiff and bounce next to the enemy, so it’s best to wait until they’ve paused on their routes.

  • If you put a maxed Reach on a polearm or whip, you may be able to slide attack into a pillar or wall to kill enemies on the other side. It depends on the weapon’s base range, though, so you’d have to do some testing yourself to see if it works with what you’ve got.

Good luck!


It looks like we’re going to rename the PC clan. we would like to do a poll, so if anyone has any cool name ideas let us know :slight_smile:


i was going to joke that we could pull from one of the many, many redirects, but i’ve just seen that the site with the full list is called Haunted Domains and now i kinda want that as a clan name.

also, quick heads up on the dojo front for the PC clan: the future-proofing plan is almost finished. don’t be alarmed if you go in and find that the barracks aren’t there anymore - i’m moving them down to the lower floor where the reactors now live. this shouldn’t affect anything rank-wise since there’s an explicit option for downsizing a clan but if this does cause any problems, feel free to blame me and the various forum posts i read that said there wouldn’t be a problem :V


Haha we did go through the redirects and came up with a small list! Haunted Domains would actually be funny as hell though. I’ve added it to the list :stuck_out_tongue:
We’re gonna collect ideas until Friday probably!


Another thing for MR9, the patrol patterns are identical, so you can find a rhythm to it and the enemies should always be in the same place. I think your in the worst run of tests and after 10 it becomes much less bad


Clan Dojo Status:

Transporter on Level 2 needs stuff, and then I think we are waiting on a bunch of stuff to finish, including a reactor, and then it’s been barracks time tomorrow


hi! i’d love to join the PC clan. i’ve only been playing for a half-dozen hours, but am really enjoying myself. my username is battykissinger if you would like to invite me!


As far as I know, that maxed range whip should still work; most MR test enemies show up at very low levels, so just a touch would kill 'em. If it involves slide attacks (aka spin-to-win), that might be a little more tricky for an MR test, though. Polearms like the Orthos Prime and the Guandao have crazy reach, too, though their stealth kill animation is a little slow.

My usual rule of thumb for Warframe YT videos is to check the date, as things within a year are usually up-to-date-ish. Mind you, this year’s gift to the community has been a ton of balance patches, so a bunch of primary and secondary weapons and some frames (RIP Ember) got major updates. But if the MR test arena looks the same as yours, you should be okay.


So, as Joel put it, I went FULL McDonalds! McDonalds! McDonalds! on our Dojo tonight before the Barracks kick the cost of buildings up. It’s extremely worth poking around, as the Digital Pyramid is shaping up well. There’s an Observatory, an Obstacle Course, a lot of gardens and other green space, a dueling room (which is so cool!).

The Dueling Room is so cool. The immediacy and lethality of the duels gave me flashes of Jedi Knight: Dark Forces. Which is a whole thing.

Barracks are on the way and will be done tomorrow night, so clan capacity will be up to 30.

Everyone in the Clan has the Sage Role, and I just checked the Architect Box on it so everyone can begin decorating the space! There’s a lot of room for decorations, art installations, whatever you want to put in there. Make this Digital Pyramid your own.


Barracks is up, that means we have room for more people on PS4!

Come on down, help us decorate our Space Station / Botanical Garden / Playground / Obstacle Course. This game rocks.


I’ve finally got myself up to rank 5 with Steel Meridian so if anyone wants an Iron Skin for their Rhino, or Scattered justice for a Hek, give me a shout! Also I would be keen if anyone wants to trade for Ivara’s Infiltrate or Nekros’ Despoil / Shield of Shadows


I just started playing on PC. Could I get an invite to the clan? My username is wildpomme.


If somebody could post some picture of the dojo here for those of us that are interested in seing it but don’t have a PS4 or Warframe that would be really cool!


I’m gonna be doing an MTV cribs esque walkthrough of the PS4 Dojo soon, basically whenever I have the energy to BRING IT in that format.


You could also invite people into your ship if their in your party


Oh neat I didn’t know that