PS4Frame AKA Warframe on the Playstation 4 (+ PC)


Great thread with lots of tips! Throwing my support behind warframe being a future waypoint 101.

I picked the same starting weapons ~2 years ago when I originally downloaded the game. I ended up not enjoying the slower firing weapons in such a fast paced game and didn’t stick with it.

Between the great noclip series and Austin & Joel talking about warframe over the weekend (the fortnite stream) I redownloaded it to give it a new shot. Plus I’ve been itching to dive deep into a some pet systems. Not enough games let you raise pets these days.


For anyone who’s not in the Discord, the polls have closed and we’ve officially chosen our PC clan’s new name: Real Frames No Gimmicks. :muscle:


Oh my god, that is amazing! That has to be the only Obie Trice related clan name in Destiny, it has to be.


Just been watching Fortnight Fortnite Day 6, and their talk of Warframe prompted me to seek out this thread. Been playing for about a month now and just reached Ceres with Rhino. I look forward to any Waypoint 101’s!


Can I get a PC invite? Chef_Lu_Bu


Here’s the VOD from Today:


It’s saying you’re already in a clan, do you have any pending clan invites? They might be stopping me from inviting you.


Hey All!

This is Aidan from the stream today :slight_smile: Super thrilled to see this budding community of Tenno here and if you ever want to play (on PC) add me [DE]Aidan and send me a message! I’m going to be using this forum in a sort of “unofficial” capacity, very casually but yeah, just wanted to introduce myself and thank you for playing the game that, in turn, means I get to pay rent and eat food!


is this your build? this is really solid!


I run a clan but I’m the only member left, I guess i’ll abandon my dojo…


If you do that you should pull the rooms down first to recapture the resources, right?


I had a really nice interaction with a new-ish player earlier today, left me beaming for about 30 min afterwards. I really like the community of strangers who play this game


That Oberon has a 'fit. (am I doing this right?)


oh i wish, i’m still a baby tenno i think that’s a brozime build that i’m slowly working towards :slight_smile:


Hey everybody, if you sent me a PS4 Clan invite request in the past few days and I didn’t get back to you, feel free to send one again. Between the Mod Stream and the fact that I’ve had a busy week IRL and got a cold, it’s become apparent that at least one person slipped through the cracks in my inbox.


Nice! I work with Brozime through the Warframe Partner’s program, dude knows pretty much everything there is to know about the game


Hey hey thanks for plugging my stuff! If any Waypoint peeps want help with anything my Discord and Twitter is always open. Also worth noting that that Roster review is slightly out of date since some buffs went to a number of Warframes and I’m working on a new one currently!


hello. I’m on PC and would love an invite to the clan if there’s room. my name on there is soakrates.



Hey, fairly new PC player who would love an invite to the clan if possible. My name there is Khorne47 (one day I will bother to spend the platinum to change it though). Thanks!