PSA: Another No Man's Sky NEXT Save Bug

Remember when Austin mentioned during the NMS stream that you can own freighters and send them out on expeditions now? Don’t do that. It will cause a corruption bug that will eventually nuke your entire save. Worse, it appears to be cross-platform, which means that people with potentially dozens of hours on old saves might lose their games with no recourse.

If you’re playing on PC, you can at least back up your saves manually. (Check your %appdata% folder, and look under the Hello Games subdirectory. I just backup the entire save directory as individual dated snapshots.)

(Off-topic: I actually started playing after the NEXT expansion … and it is mostly tedious? Like, the worst sort of inventory management, mats grinding, and F2P-style timers getting in the way of everything else? The on-boarding experience is pretty dismal as a new player, and there are entire game mechanics I had to guess at because the tutorials are so poor.)

issa universe tho

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Well, I was kinda back in but if using one of the marquis features of NEXT ends up corrupting my save then I’m done with this game. Losing all that progress again is just a big fat nope and I already did several missions.

It looks like they pushed out two hotfix patches today, one of which (1.52.2) addresses the new save bug. Patch notes here.

(The other hotfix supposedly includes a fix for the hilarious freighter bridge disappearing bug we saw twice on the Waypoint stream.)