PSA: First “Watch_Dogs” gonna be fr_ee on Pea_Sea for some_time


That dog is watching_you.

Ubi gives it away on Uplay, Nov. 7 through Nov. 13 (via Polygon). I’m not sure why people even spend money on games anymore.

How bad it was, really? Can I just run around in a pretty (but far from real) Chicago and don’t engage with all the bad stuff? Like, I still enjoyed “The Crew” driving, while skipping every cutscene.


I think Austin’s playthrough shows you could get something out of the game but it seems to be more steeped in those bad politics than The Crew, where you could just drive Weird USA and complete challenges and races without engaging with much more of the story.

Looks like you’ve only got a short while (the next week) to click the button in uPlay to activate the copy but from there you’ve got all the time to jump into it. Maybe a sign of the changing times but “they fit an entire open world city into under 14GB!” was my first though when downloading it.


Yeah, it’s just for one week. They did something similar last year, celebrating 30 years anniversary, when I got “The Crew”. I thought they were doing that, partially, to gathering goodwill, because of Vivendi threat. But then, iirc, it became a pretty good deal for them, since a lot of people bought DLC. They are trying to repeat that, it seems.


I watched the Chip and Ironicus LP, and the game that they showed was about 15% interesting ideas that were mostly not used well enough, 55% standard Ubisoft open world, and 30% the most depressing kind of bad/offensive game plot. That said, I’m still claiming a free copy because there’s a VR mini-game where you’re a spider-tank, and I plan to find the most direct path to it.


I think its worth having a free copy just so I have easy access to that fun ass Flower jumping vr minigame

I found the openworld to be a little lifeless, especially compared to Watch Dogs 2 where I was consistently engrossed (even despite hearing the “Ghosts are REAL man!” chatter like a billion times). It mightve helped Ive been to San Francisco a few times though