PSA Giveaways and Gifting Thread


Axiom Verge is free on the Epic Games store till February 21st

Great metroidvania with an awesome soundtrack!


PSA: Xbox Game Pass (it’s called that on both PC and Xbox) is 2 dollars for 2 months if you’re new to the service (2 bucks for 1 month if you’re a returning subscriber) from Now until the 21st.

So if say you weren’t too sure about it but maybe wanted a fun sandbox game to play around in Crackdown 3 is out on friday and is included with game pass (also sea of thieves :eyes:)

xbox game pass keeps being an incredible deal


Thimbleweed Park is available for free on Epic Games Launcher today until March 7th.

Even more exciting is Slime Rancher is the next game! March 7th-21st. It’s a real good chill farming game with cute slimes!


Mario and Rabbids Gold Edition is $27 on Nintendo dot com

That’s a very good deal


The 3 instant unlock games for Humble Monthly are extremely killer this month and are absolutely worth the $12 price tag. Even if you get it then cancel immediately you still get the rest of the games at the end of the month!

Abslover: A martial arts focused Souls-Like with a more in-depth Remember Me-style combo builder

Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden: I don’t think I really need to describe it here, given Patrick’s coverage, but just in case, it’s XCOM meets STALKER where you play as mutant animals.

Northgard: A streamlined RTS in the linage of StarCraft/WarCraft with norse mythology as it’s setting.


Origin is currently having a huge sale until March 19th. Most importantly the Ultimate Edition of Titanfall 2 is 7.49 (75% off) which is cheaper than and standard edition which is normally 20 is currently 10.

Some other notables:
Battlefield V is 30 dollars (50% off)
Sims 4 is 4.79 (88% off)
Star Wars Battlefront 2 is 5.99 (80% off)
Battlefield I is 9.99 (75% off)
Burnout Paradise Remastered is 9.99 (50% off)
Dragon Age: Inquistion is 7.49 (75% off)
Unravel Two is 9.99 (50% off)
Fe is 9.99 (50% off)


Sime Rancher is free on Epic’s Game Store!


updating my list (of humble codes I dont want and are up for grabs)


Your list of what?


Game codes from bundles that they’re not planning on using and therefore giving away to anyone who wants them, because they’re awesome :heart:


M_o’s post reminds me, I also have some spare keys lying around.
Paratopic and LostWinds 2 have been claimed.

I can’t guarantee anything here’s outstanding, but if you see something you want, send me a DM w/ the name(s).


I have a spare Steam key for Yakuza 0.

Edit: the key has been claimed now.


GRID 2 is free on Humble at the moment if you sub to the newsletter. :slightly_smiling_face:


This months Twitch Prime games in case you missed it are:

  • Star Vikings Forever

  • The King’s Bird

  • Kabounce

  • Snake Pass


I really wanted to love Snake Pass. It’s such a great looking game. I could just never get to grips with the controls…literally.


I have a spare copy of the Morrowind Expansion for Elder Scrolls online if anyone wants that.


I’d happily relieve you of mega man legacy collection if you’re cool with it.


I’d love to get that copy of Immortal Redneck if that’s okay. That game has been sitting around in my wishlist since it came out.


Tomorrow (3/21/2019) Oxenfree a very good game , will be free on Epic Games store from now through April 4th.
The Witness will be the next game starting on April 4th - 18th.

Also Watch Dogs 2 is 9 bucks on the Epic Games store right now? they don’t have a sales page so idk how long the sale lasts but that’s a pretty good deal.


The excellent Tacoma is free on Humble right now :slight_smile: