PSA Giveaways and Gifting Thread


I’ve got lots of Humble keys I need to sort and figure out whether I’m going to redeem them or not, but I already own Minit, which just got unlocked for Humble Monthly subscribers.

PM me & it’s yours :wink:


Today, Morrowind is free for PC if you log-in to or create an account and redeem a free copy for PC using the code TES25TH-MORROWIND

It’s still such an incredible game, especially with all the mods now available. Definitely grab it if you’re a fan of the fantasy RPG genre. It’s arguably the best Elder Scrolls game to date.


Minit key taken by @gio


I feel bad for grabbing another game from this thread (y’all have been so generous!) but I would love to play Minit if there are no other takers.


It just went actually, sorry :slight_smile:


No worries mate! Happy it went to a good home! :blush:


I also have^^^^had an extra copy of Minit (edit: gone!) + one for Northguard (edit: also gone!).

PM me and good gaming is yours!


Twitch Prime is giving away three months of Nintendo Switch Online, plus another nine months you can claim if you remain a Prime member for two months afterwards. Maybe not the most exhilarating offer but it’s nice to just not have to renew my subscription for a whole extra year. Maybe they’ll have SNES games by the time it expires? (no, lol)


Humble Bundle doing a bundle of a bunch of old educational point and click adventures (Putt-Putt Series , Spy Fox Series , Pajama Sam Series , Freddi Fish Series , Fatty Bear)

14 bucks for like 35 games and a thing i just found out recently:
Humble has a database of thousands of charities you can donate to that aren’t the default ones. which is good because this latest bundle one of the default charities is the boy scouts so make sure you direct your money the way you want.


I have Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation 66% coupon.

Redeem by 4/18. If anyone wants it, please send me post a msg .
First person to ask will get it and I will need to add you on Steam.


Microsoft store doing a big sale on windows 10 games rn (10 days left on the sale at time of posting):

  • Sea of Thieves 50% off 29.99 ***
  • Forza Horizon 4 Standard 40% off 35.99 ***
  • Forza Horizon 4 Deluxe 40% off 47.99
  • Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate 40% off 59.99
  • Zoo Tycoon 35% off 12.99 ***
  • State of Decay 2 50% off 14.99 ***
  • Gears of War 4 75% off 9.99 ***
  • Crackdown 3 50% off 29.99 ***
  • Killer Instinct Definitive 75% off 9.99
  • Quantum Break 75% off 9.99
  • Sunset Overdrive 25% off 14.99
  • ReCore 40% off 11.99 ***

Also microsoft is still doing 1 dollar for 3 months of game pass (if you haven’t signed up in the past)

*** a game that is included with game pass


I’ve got keys for Absolver and Minit from the last Humble monthly. DM me if you’re interested!

Edit: Minit has been

Edit 2: everything is taken!


Oh crap! I totally forgot about that three months of Game Pass deal! thanks for posting this lol


Twitch Prime Games of the month

  • Her Story

  • InnerSpace

  • Joggernauts

  • Keep in Mind: Remastered


Ubisoft is giving away Assassin’s Creed Unity for free this week as an homage to Notre Dame cathedral.


Transistor is free on the Epic Game Store until May 2nd!


I have spare Steam keys for The Turing Test and Black the Fall. If you’re interested, let me know.