PSA Giveaways and Gifting Thread

Worth mentioning but DOOM Eternal is on GamePass if you have that

Pillars of Eternity and Tyranny free on EGS now.

Worth mentioning that Chris Avelonne, credibly accused of CW sexual harassment was the narrative designer on PoE and was part of Tyranny preproduction:

Still, Tyranny is a fairly underrated game that explores what it means to resist a tyrannical, colonial power, and this way you aren’t out any money to give it a try.

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The first of the Epic holiday free game giveaway is up, Cities Skylines:

You can also claim a $15 CAD (or equivalent local currency) coupon for claiming!


Citi Skylines is such a good game! Even if you’re not into city builders I highly recommend trying it out.

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I spent so much time in Skylines…It’s just relaxing for me to try and get really nice traffic flows and lots of cyclists running around.

You can also just go into your account on EGS to get the free coupon (which I did, since I already own skylines on Steam).

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You can also apparently get weapon skins for Warframe that are from Unreal Tournament on EGS for free right now.

Someone on Reddit made a guide for how to claim if you already have Warframe installed through Steam or their own launcher.

The Long Dark is free on Epic Game Store


The Long Dark is a game I really liked and need to go back and play now that it’s been updated a lot since initial release. If you want a slow paced survival game definitely pick it up.


Defense Grid: The Awakening is the free game today. It’s a good tower defense, I don’t know what else to tell ya.


Alien Isolation is the free game on Epic today!


Onion Games is giving away 5 copies of moon: Remix RPG Adventure. It’s one of my new favorite games of all time so please consider checking it out!!!


frick, i missed alien isolation!!!

looks like Inside is today’s game…

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Darkest Dungeon is free on Epic Games Store for today only


My Time at Portia is free on Epic Game Store for today only.


Night in the Woods is free on Epic Game Store for today only.


Austin Wintory made all the albums on his Bandcamp pay what you want till the new year.

Might I suggest his AC: Syndicate soundtrack. There still hasn’t been an eagle drop as good as the one’s set to a long note from Wintory’s strings.

Also, the free game on Epic is Torchlight 2.


The free game on Epic until the 14th is Crying Suns

Twitch is giving out the following if you have Prime

  • HyperDot
  • Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair
  • Overcooked
  • Wizard of Legend
  • Bridge Constructor Playground
  • Sigma Theory: Global Cold War
  • Turmoil
  • Sword Legacy Omen
  • Alt Frequencies
  • Sheltered
  • Along the Edge
  • Close to the Sun
  • When Ski Lifts Go Wrong
  • Void Bastards

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (the EA version) is free right now on Epic Games store!


Maybe I’ll give the campaign another shot…

Galactic Civilizations III is the new free game on Epic

Worth mentioning that Game Pass recently added both Control and Donut County