PSA Giveaways and Gifting Thread

Worth mentioning that Stardock, the creator of Galactic Civilizations III, is run by a literal, actual nazi and white supremacist.

Usually I’m all for claiming games on Epic I don’t give a shit about because at least that means Epic’s money is going to another developer, but this is the rare exception.

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Ah shit, already redeemed it. I wonder if I can refund a free game?

Oh geeze I was not aware of that. I’m gonna go ahead and modify the post.

The new free game for the next week on EGS is Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition

I know nothing about it but it looks good!


I’ve heard really good things about it for a while now! Basically a metroidvania but with very innovative movement.

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Also brilliant music!


I assume this comes with some DLC and I can’t speak to that, but the base game is a really lovely, very dreamlike Metroid-like — i.e., mostly ranged combat, blaster style, not really much vania-ing to be had here — but the unique draw is a movement system where instead of walking/running/flying you jump from wall to wall, surface to surface. It seems very strange at first but once you get the hang of it there’s nothing quite like it. Aside from some grinding I had to do near the end, I enjoyed pretty much every second of it.

It’s also worth mentioning that it does some very Souls-y stuff too (which considering how linked Souls and Metroid are actually fits together pretty well). There are light RPG elements and “salt,” which behaves basically the same way as the souls equivalent in any Soulslike (you use it to upgrade your stats at checkpoints, lose it all when you die, and have to pick it up from where you died IIRC). It is also a bit unforgiving — I’d say in line with some of the harder metroidvanias of the last few years. I remember struggling a bit at the start before hitting a groove with it.

But anyway it’s a free game by cool developers that based its lore/loose narrative stuff on a Brazillian freedom fighter so uh I’d highly advocate claiming it so Epic gives them money (I think that’s how this works)? But if you like metroid or 2D soulslike games it’s definitely worth giving a shot too.


Epic is giving out For the King and Metro Last Light Redux

Twitch is giving out: Spinch, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, Monster Prom: Hot seat edition, Swimsanity, Table Manners, and Strata

I will also mention that the XCOM2 Complete pack is at an all time low of $20 on Steam OR just XCOM2 for $5 itself :eyes:

That said the expansion is honestly critical to almost enjoy the game because of major QoL improvements that never were backported (target preview, massive performance boost, photo booth, etc).

The only DLC not worth getting is Resistance Warriors but you would pay more buying piece meal to avoid at this point. Reinforcement pack gives you robots + mini bosses and TLP gives some fun lore missions and standalone challenges.

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1 buck for the game and some train dlc
BTA for more train dlc

The free games on Epic this week are Absolute Drift and Rage 2


Oh nice, I got into Art of Rally big time last year. I’m excited to see more of the Funselektor back catalog.

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Sunless Sea is this weeks game!

And here’s some Waypoint articles from the past about it

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I don’t know if sales (even free ones) of Sunless Sea send money to Alexis Kennedy, but CW abuse: Two women accuse Cultist Simulator developer Alexis Kennedy of "exploitative" behaviour •

I forgot about that…

It sounds like he has been removed completely from the company (including financially) according to Failbetters tweets.


Ratchet & Clank 2016 is free to keep all March.

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The game this week on Epic is Wargame: Red Dragon and this time I did my due diligence of looking up the developer on google to see if there’s anything notable about their past that might lead one to not want to redeem this game

So do be aware of the above.

If you have Twitch Prime or whatever they’re calling it now you can get:

  • Bomber Crew Deluxe (which is kind of like FTL but in an airplane)
  • The Academy: First Riddle
  • Adventures of Chris
  • Sine Mora Ex
  • Tengami
  • Blasphemous
  • SkyDrift
  • Boomerang Fu

There’s also still what feels like SNK’s entire back catalog available.

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And I did the due diligence of already owning and having played Wargame: Red Dragon before news of Eugen’s unsuitable labor practices, and whatever happened in that private chat channel, came to light.

Meh. It still interests me and I wish it had clicked with me. There are great ideas in it like it being highly highly logistics driven with your resources being actual military divisions and brigades and whatnot that you move around the world map overworld before they’re what you use in the very World in Conflict style RTS, where the weapons are late Cold-War and everything feels a bit flimsy and you actually have to think about cover and concealment even for just moving units. “Is there some way we can take these tanks around behind a treeline or are they going straight through that empty space, hoping no one’s setup to spot them. How do you hide a moving helicopter?” Then attrition plays into every part of that as, through skirmish after skirmish, you need to worry about those combat groups depleting into nothing (and it costs so much to resupply concrete unit losses) and then in the RTS part, you have to worry about fuel for the vehicles and more vague supplies for the infantry, hoping you there isn’t a sneak attack on your supply FOB. All that, and you have to try and keep the air corridor open for the jets.

You can either be aware of everything or “Oh, I misjudged the attack plans of the KPA and now there are tanks running through the gap in my precisely meticulously thought out killzones and getting right up on my staging area. Well, guess that’s a straight corridor to Seoul now.”

I imagine though, there are people who read that and think the game sounds dope, and I won’t disagree with you. I’ll just remind you of the post above mine and let you weigh things out per your morals.

Edit: Oh hey, the next free epic game is Surviving Mars. I never got around to playing that the last time it was the free Epic game but owning it gives you 10% off the spin-off game, Surviving the Aftermath that they have in early access and, combine that with the seasonal $10 coupons and I paid $5 for that… I also haven’t played that game.

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Uh so, hopefully this is within the spirit of this thread, but I bought the new Humble Bundle with a bunch of racing games in it, mainly because it made Pacer incredibly cheap. I already own most of the games in there, so I wanted to offer up the Steam keys to a good home - happy to send the below games out if anyone wants them. Just let me know.

  • Absolute Drift
  • GRIP
  • Dirt Rally 2.0
  • Assetto Corsa (with the DLC)
  • KartKraft

Edit: DR2.0 and GRIP taken :slight_smile:


I forgot to respond to this but yes I feel ya. I picked up Wargame: European Escalation years ago because I loved the idea of a deck building game meeting an RTS and I gave it a few hours but it just never clicked. There’s something to it that people really like and I wish it was me but I’m more into the deck building meets RTS then all the other stuff that gets added on. Fingers crossed that maybe some day someone like Petroglyph takes on the idea.

The free game currently on Epic is Creatures in the Well which looks to be a stylish hack and slash meets pinball.

I could not find any immediate controversial things surrounding the studio from a basic search but be aware that they’re a small studio who does a lot of work for much bigger companies/organizations which might have their own problematic issues. They have done at least something with the US Army in the past that appears to be aimed at recruitment but overall they seem like cool people who are doing outsource work for other places so they can fund their own projects.

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Huh, ironically, the deck building is where it lost me and I like all the other mechanics.