PSA Giveaways and Gifting Thread

Quiplash is free until April 26th on Steam.


Also free right now on the EGS is


Both are very good!


Free game right now on Epic is Pine a game published Kongregate of all places


Free game on Epic is now

a game I know absolutely nothing about.

If you got Amazon Prime you can get from Twitch right now:

  • A skin for Valkyrie in Apex

  • Destiny 2 stuff

  • Healers Quest

  • Beholder

  • Edgar - Bokbok in Boulzac

  • The Blind Prophet

  • Yoku’s Island Express

  • Faraway: Director’s Cut

  • A Blind Legend


Hey y’all — so I made a very fun purchase pictured below and completely forgot that it came with a free Steam code for Enter the Gungeon. Would anyone be interested in taking it off my hands? I’ll just send it to the first person who DMs me and asks for it.


If you managed to make it through the last year without buying Among Us you can now get it for free via Epic Games Store


Little Nightmares is free up to May 30

Company Of Heroes 2 + Ardennes Assault too up to May 31

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Who wants a copy of Battlefield 4? I’ve got a code and I already own it.


No, I don’t think it’s the version that comes with all the DLC.

Maybe message me if you take the code so I can say it’s been used.

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New free game from EGS is Frostpunk


OOOH Frostpunk Good. Loved my time with it while I had gamepass and have been meaning to pick it up for realsies for a long while now. Now I guess I can think about getting that DLC.

A bundle on itch to help Palestine, it’s a $5 minimum for about 1,000 games (with the usual mix of assets, TTRPGs, short novels, OSTs, etc. in the mix too).

There’s a lot of games in here that weren’t in last year’s Racial Injustice Bundle, so even if you bought that, it is definitely worth looking at this one. (And if you aren’t interested in/already own these games, consider giving a couple of bucks to an organization if you are able.)



Control is free on EGS this week!?!?!?


Now this deal is dynamite.


So is uh… Genshin Impact?

Am I missing something? Or are they listing a F2P game as a timed free game?

No, I think they’re just putting it in the free weekly category so more people see it.

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Apparently you can unlock the PS4 exclusive dlc and pre-order dlc with a bit of basic hex editing. Instructions are on the PC Gaming Wiki page, not linking because I’m not sure if that would break the rules.

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Reminder that today’s the last day for the itchio bundle for Palestine, don’t miss it!


Humble is giving away Surviving Mars Deluxe Edition for the next ~3 days