PSA Giveaways and Gifting Thread


Oh hey! I’ll send you those.


Hey, I’m back with more games to giveaway, this time it’s Humble gift links, so I know they work!

Abyss Odyssey
Bulb Boy
Company of Heroes
Gods Will Be Watching
Kane & Lynch Collection
Killing Floor
Lovely Planet
Men of War: Assault Squad GOTY Edition
Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae
Oddworld: Abe’s Odyssey
One Way Heroics
Pony Island
Shadowrun: Hong Kong
Unholy Heights
Vanguard Princess


Much love! :star_struck:


While I’ve fallen off buying bundles for the sake of it in the past year or two, I’ve got a bunch of keys left unredeemed. Here they are (in a google spreadsheet)!

Many of them have been sitting there a while, so maybe take something and play it? That’d be nice. You can message me either through the forum, or the Discord server (Hyetal there, too).


Just a heads up but if you got Twitch Prime you can get Tales from the Borderlands for free right now. Got until the 17th to claim it.


Same as everyone else, PM with one you would like!

Tomb Raider (2013)
Metro 2033

Oh hey realized I also had some Origin keys unclaimed, may or may not work but I apparently have these as well:
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition
Dead Space 3
Medal of Honor
Mirror’s Edge
Battlefield 3


Someone doesn’t care much for most of the games their humble monthly subscription, huh


they beat me to it, honestly


Yeah pretty much only got last month for Quantum Break and neglected to cancel for February :laughing:


Yeah, I got this month for Owlboy, and the only surprise game that I’m excited to get my hands on is Snakepass.


Shadow of the Colossus PS4 Dynamic Theme: 94XL-T8NK-AFHB

You can get it by signing in and watching 2 videos here but if you’re lazy I’ve got you covered.



20% off voucher for the US (?) PSN Store that I’m not gonna use. You just need to cash it in by 2/12 11:59 PM Pacific Time, so that’s around 24 hours from now. Let me know what you get! I’m curious.


PSA for anyone wanting to try Dead Space after hearing @RobZacny 's praise on Waypoint Radio, the game is currently free on Origin!


King of Fighters 2002 is temporarily free on GoG if anyone’s interested :slight_smile:



If you’ve somehow missed out on FTL, here’s a spare Steam code. Got it with my Into the Breach purchase on Humble, but I already own the game so it’s up for grabs.



Same deal as above re: FTL!


Yo if you have Amazon/Twitch Prime you can right now get:

  • Superhot

  • Oxenfree

  • Mr. Shifty

  • Shadow Tactics

  • Tales from Candlekeep Tomb of Annihilation

Login to Twitch then click the crown icon and press claim offer on all of them.


Lethal League is free right now on Fanatical

It’s a great fighting game if you have never played it before!

Hitman’s second level Sapienza is also free right now and once added to your account is free forever!

Spring has arrived and it’s time to travel somewhere sunny! Your destination is Sapienza and everyone is invited via the HITMAN Spring Pack.
The HITMAN Spring Pack is a completely FREE download and includes the entire Sapienza location (Episode 2). It’s yours to keep permanently and all of your progress will carry through to the full game when you buy the Game of the Year Edition - just make sure to download it before April 3rd!
You’ll get the main story mission, ‘World of Tomorrow’, 20 levels of Mastery (including weapon and item unlocks), more than 100 challenges, 7 achievements/trophies and ALL of the Escalation Contracts, Challenge Packs and Featured Contracts that we’ve released for Sapienza. On top of all that, any Elusive Targets that are re-activated in Sapienza will also be playable through the Spring Pack.


Lethal League continues to be the only game in my local FGC that I am indisputably the best at. I have never lost a match in tournament and that comes not from even wanting to be the best, but from just loving the hell out of that game and always feeling up to playing it more.

Spend the time to pick this one up. It’s a real treat and one of the best fighting games of the past decade.


F1 2015 is free right now on Humble!

Race speedy cars!