PSA Giveaways and Gifting Thread


From the 9th to the 10th Twitch Prime is giving out Fortnite stuff link


Humble’s giving away The Flame in the Flood for the next two days. I tried to redeem it forgetting I already had a free copy from somewhere, so here’s an extra key:



Humble Monthly Trove has some free games until 6/1

Knight Club

Hitch Hiker

Quiet City



Unreal Gold edition is free right now until the 26th in celebration of it’s 20th birthday!

Be sure to grab the Old Unreal Patch here.


New Free with Prime games are out.

This month is:

  • Banner Saga

  • Banner Saga 2

  • Strafe

  • Tumblestone

  • Treadnauts

Also Train Simulator is having a free weekend so go drive some trains.


Giving away a few Humble game keys again:
Cook Serve Delicious 2
The Pillars of the Earth

All cleaned out, thanks y’all.


Hey, would like to apply for Yooka-Laylee, thanks.


Check your messages!


If you still have The Pillars of the Earth, I’m highly interested. Thanks!


Xenonauts (a game heavily inspired by original X-COM) is free on gog right now.


Check your messages as well!


Warframe Goodies!

Twitch Prime right now gets you Trinity Prime

If you go to the bottom of the newest Humble Bundle you can get: 200,000 Credits, Foxglove Syandana, and a 3-Day Affinity/Resource Booster

Go be the best space ninja you can be!


Heads up, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds is Free if installed in the first 100 hrs.


Lots of free stuff right now for E3!

For Honor Starter Edition

Quake Champions




Eric Pope’s For Honor is a very good multiplayer game that isn’t like anything else out there. I highly recommend trying it out for the low low price of free.


is this the same bad ‘‘starter’’ version rainbow six siege has, where u cant upgrade to the standard edition


I’m not real familiar with the Siege situation.

The For Honor FAQ does say that you can’t explicitly upgrade from the starter to the base edition (they are separate SKUs), but it also says that you can buy the standard edition later and keep your progress. So I don’t think you’ll get a discount should you decide to go for the full version, but should you want to unlock the standard edition heroes all at once with real money instead of getting them a la carte with in-game currency, you do seem to have that option.


Layers of Fear is free for a limited time


I think theyre referring to progress you make in free weekends, like its silly that they say you cant upgrade then that you can buy… idk.
Also i think starter in for honor is the same as siege: Every hero or character costs a lot more, and i think some are even locked.
But honestly this is a good way to try out the game


Klei Entertainment sale is going on until early monday morning:

Invisible Inc. , Mark of the Ninja , Don’t Starve , Oxygen Not Included and Crypt on Necrodancer all on sale!

Most things 75% off. I highly recommend Mark of the Ninja.