PSA Installing an Ubisoft game from Epic duplicates files

So I was cleaning up my PC today and realized my Ubisoft games were taking up twice the space. One install was in the EGS folder and the other was in Uplay.

It turns out the way the system works is EGS downloads the files then Uplay installs it. However the problem is Uplay doesn’t know about the EGS install… so you can either tell it where to find the game files you’ve already downloaded OR continue with a default install and just delete the EGS install now that it’s registered to your Uplay account.

This thread from April indicates that Ubisoft is aware and is working on figuring out a way to fix this problem because having two installs can easily chew through 100GB these days…


Launchers installing launchers. Will we even need video games any more?


Thought to check and I’m relieved to say this isn’t also the case with Origin games.