PSA: Into The Breach is on Mac


Has anyone other than me been waiting for Into the Breach to be released on Mac? Because it just got that little Apple added to it on the Steam Store today and I am so excited to finally play it. Now I just have to make sure that this doesn’t completely derail my productivity for the day.


Reading this news is both a bless and a curse. Thank you very much and I am very upset about how you have derailed my day/week(s).


Man I wish they had done this back when I was getting all the Steam achievements, Steam streaming to my MacBook is garbage.


Update: It completely derailed my productivity.


Thanks for contributing in derailing my productivity as well XD


Yes, being able to run this on my work machine definitely isn’t going to cause any problem. No sir.


Oh YES I can have it on my laptop now!

but also

Oh NO I can have it on my laptop now!


By the way, if you were playing this on a Windows bootcamp partition (like I was), you can move your save file (saveData.lua) from Windows over to the Mac save folder.

This allowed me to continue my progress.

I didn’t explain this too well, but if you want more detail hit me up.


Oh, good tip! I was playing in Wine and expected to need to start over, but went looking for my save file and found it right away. Thanks!


Also, for Mac folks who may have purchased from Humble: You might do what I did and look for the Mac download from your “library” page, but you’ll only find the Win version there, so switch over to the “purchases” page and then click through to the game, and that will show you the download link for the Mac version. Took me a couple of minutes to figure that out.


Thanks for the heads up! I guess my laptop will again be an unsafe space to work in.