‘PUBG’ Developer Accuses ‘Fornite’ of “Replicating” Its Game


The developer is considering "further action" over the matter.

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Bluehole is a telling name, huh.

Important part that Patrick forget to mention, but Polygon didn’t:

creator Brendan Greene consulted on H1Z1’s battle royale mode, later spun off as H1Z1: King of the Kill, and cut his teeth creating battle royale mods for military sim ARMA.

So, we talking about genre and we talking about mechanics (no © for those). Is blue stuff looks similar to “Fortnite’s” storm? That’s your problem?!


What little I’ve seen of Fortnite involved persistent cross-game resource gathering, PVE zombies, and crafting. They don’t seem very similar, this is a little ridiculous. Not that copyright nonsense is usually anything but.


They are releasing a straight-up Plunkbat-clone at the end of the month. I was surprised too when i got an email saying that I could play Fortnite for free and found out it is a complete spin-off. Fortnite PvE is still $40. The plunkbat-clone will be free.


Presumably further action is going to be in the court of public opinion because [IANAL] I can’t think Bluehole have patents (that would presumably need to manage to sidestep prior art of PU’s previous mod work and other similar game modes) as this isn’t the realm of copyright (game design is mechanical design so patents).

Mentioning them in your press release as a trademark violation? I guess it’s possibly something you could take a stab at but I’m not sure you’re paying for more than an argument to happen and nothing to come of it.


The strangest part to me is that this just acts as promotion for Epic’s free2play version of plunkbat.


I’m not sure that they can win that, though. Yes, we not dealing with Nintendo vs. fans, or Bethesda vs. small indie developer, but still, who gonna be on their side? I feel like Epic is underdog here (weird, I know).

That too.


It’s rather impressive that PUBG can go from upstart indie feel good story to tone deaf bully before it’s even officially released.


Absolutely the above post

Never mind the fact that PUBG is itself just a slightly refined and simplified version of modes from ARMA and H1Z1, which fine, Brendan Greene also worked on, but individuals don’t hold proprietorship of modes and content they might have designed for other companies.

Bluehole is getting really overbearing with their bullshit.

Additionally, is it ever a good idea to be hostile towards the company that makes the middleware your game is based on , especially if what they’re in essence doing is putting out a tribute to your game?


Let’s be honest, this is more of a competing product with a different payment-model than some sort of homage.


Well, word “clone”, that you used, is not appropriate, too. But I agree, “homage” it is not. If it stayed inside “Fortnite” just as a mode, then maybe.


Unless I’m really misunderstanding the relative sizes of Bluehole and Epic, it’s hard for me to frame this as “bullying,” especially since I don’t think there’s a threat of legal action.

I guess it’s weird because the Fortnite devs explicitly cited PUBG as an influence, so it’s not like they can dispute their claim


I think while Bluehole absolutely in the wrong in calling out the “Replcation” because how videogames work is constantly iterating on ideas and ideas are constantly built upon the foundation of other games (Or as Dan Houser put it once, “Anyone who makes 3-D games who says they’ve not borrowed something from Mario or Zelda is lying”). They should absolutely back off, reconsider and say they are going to cement PUBG’s place as the market leader by investing more in the players instead of worrying about compeditor games (Of which there will be many more once the AAA machines start turning from Ubi, Activision-Blizz, EA et all).

At the same time, a business partner using their name and product to promote their own is ridiculously bad form from Epic. No side looks good in it and Epic’s only inflicting self harm if they use a successful product on their middleware to promote their own product ahead of it. A lot of devs are going to look at that and feel uneasy about working with Epic if the think they have the next big thing. On top of that, Epic might be killing the word of mouth on the Fortnite they created to chase a Battle Royale mode. And by putting resources on the short term, they may end up damaging the game in the long term if the BR aspect flops over time and they have a lot of angry customers who invested in the game for the PvE mode who feel neglected. And considering the base game of Fortnite seems really good and has good word of mouth behind it. Epic sacrificing it for a completely unrelated game mode to catch a craze might end up with a Short Term gain but end up in Long Term pain.

Pretty good article on this very site about it, actually. No one’s looking good and it hurts both games.


The people who openly cloned a novel/movie’s setup and mechanics, and even added purchasable items that duplicate the costumes worn in the movie, are now complaining that someone has copied them?


It’s a genre. PUBG wasn’t even the first one. Fortnite won’t be the last. In a year we’ll have dozens of these games.

I don’t know what Bluehole thinks they’re doing. Are they trying to intimidate Epic? Because that seems like a bad move in terms of press, and one that will be laughed off legally.

If nothing else, it’s healthier for PUBG to have more competition, so the game’s driven to improve at a faster rate and keep player retention high. You never want to see popular games stagnate.

Fortnite isn’t going to eat their lunch or anything. Did they not notice that plenty of other games have these modes already? Hell, Minecraft’s got a version on consoles, just with smaller arenas and no energy wall thing. It’s a young genre, experimentation and iteration should be encouraged. Not threatened with legal action.


I like PUBG don’t get me wrong, but I always get the feeling while playing it that another developer could really deliver on this same premise but with a way more polished and content-packed game. It’s a huge bummer if Bluehole starts attacking every dev who tries to accomplish this, especially since the genre is still in its early days, with H1Z1 King of the Kill just coming out last year I believe.

PUBG is such a sensation right now that other games popping up with this mode don’t pose any real threat to their ludicrously large player base at this point, they only serve the consumer by ramping up the competition just a bit.




PUBG was released 23 Mar, 2017. “The Culling” and “H1Z1: King of the Kill” – year earlier. But “King of the Kill” was in original H1Z1 (now “Just Survive”) as a mode even earlier than that. And before that there were mods. And concept of “last man standing” in games is even earlier than that. Like, 20 years earlier. And Brendan Greene knows that, so don’t throw anything at him.

Look, I don’t claim ownership. So, it’s a last-man standing deathmatch. That’s been around since people could pick up clubs and hit each other. I would never claim ownership over that. The ever decreasing circle – I couldn’t program squares like it is in the Battle Royale movie. The code for doing squares that shrink, I just couldn’t do it because I wasn’t a very good coder, right? So I moved it an ever decreasing circle that sort of moved around inside itself, because that’s how I could do it. I don’t even claim ownership on that. These are old ideas. I love to see what the genre has created. It’s various versions on something that I guess I popularised, you know? The idea itself is not mine.


I say to people, Battlegrounds isn’t copying H1, it’s not copying Arma 3. It’s somewhere in the middle. If you want a super realistic Arma 3, go play Arma 3 Battle Royale. If you you want something more arcade-y and lots of fun, H1Z1: King of the Kill is there. There’s no competition. I see a lot of the public saying, ‘H1Z1 killer.’ It’s like, it’s my game mode in H1, I don’t want to kill it! Why can’t we both exist in a genre? Look at League of Legends and Dota 2.

Also, about Epic “using their name and product to promote their own”, c’mon! They, for once, just honest about their influences. Nothing more. And I would rather hear that, than all this bs dance around, when PR-people can’t even acknowledge existence of similar games, like they would burst into flames or something.


Alright, here’s my unpopular opinion: PUBG is a great idea of a game, made by a developer that I don’t think will deliver on the promise of it.

I really love the battle royale genre, and I think it’s going to be around for quite some time. But Bluehole doesn’t strike me as a developer that will handle their massive success well, and seeing them claim to have ownership over the genre really doesn’t make me want to change that opinion.


You might be surprised how popular this opinion actually is!