'PUBG' Has an NFL Red Zone Channel Skipping to the Best Part of Every Match

Every Sunday, I have two displays for NFL football, with a projector forcing me to confront the weekly embarrassment that is the Chicago Bears on a wall-sized screen, and a laptop humming to NFL Red Zone. If you haven’t heard of Red Zone, it’s a channel dedicated to showing when a football team is in the “red zone,” which begins at 20 yards from goal line, and cutting between the games, as teams march up the field.

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This sounds fascinating. I’ve tried to watch Breakfast and Battlegrounds a few times but frankly the first fifteen minutes of every Plunkbat match seem to be scurrying around apartment buildings picking things up off the floor and I’ve never seen the appeal in doing that, let alone watching it.

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This is great fun. Just the sheer surprise on streamer’s faces as their viewer count balloons from a couple to hundreds. However, the “Hype Train Curse” might be real. So many streams where folks die just as the Train pulls into the station. #HypeCurse