PUBG Narrative Battle Reports!

Thought this might be interesting to do. I’ve had so many harrowing, intense games that lend themselves to campfire stories that I wrote a few things down to put up on my writing tumblr. But I want to read other people’s stories! Hence, this thread. I’ll start off with one.

Before I know it, I’m airborne. The cargo plane glides on above me, sloughing avatars from its tail-end at an alarming rate. As I look around, I see a cluster of buildings off to my right, so I point my character towards them and go into a sharp dive, hoping to be the first to hit the ground, and hoping the buildings are passed over for more obvious targets. My parachute opens. I look around, and much to my dismay, see a parachute blossom below me.

I curse.

He hits the ground before I do, on the opposite side of a moderately sized, two story house, so the second I touch down, I dash for the front door, it flies open, and I freeze. He’s standing there. In his right hand, I see a dark shape, contrasted by the light of the open doorway behind him. He freezes too, but for a second less. I see his gun raise. It levels at me. He fires, twice. I’m hit, but already running for a room hoping to find anything. A weapon, a flak vest, hell, even a frying pan.

Yes, I see a gun! In the next room over!

He’s in the door as I grab it, and before I can react, he fires twice. Silence as the now-familiar text appears on screen.

#82/95. Better luck next time!

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