PUBG+The Waypoint Community+Custom Games+Voice Chat=?

I recently had an idea about player unknown’s battlegrounds and how maybe the waypoint community could turn one of the worst things about the game into something really fun and special. I think all of us can agree that the in-game voice chat is completely unusable in public matches at this point. But I think the concept of it actually is super cool and could lead to some fantastic gameplay experiences.

So my idea is this:
What if we as a community, at some point when the creation of custom games become more accessible, would try to organise a play session where we encourage everyone to use the in-game voice chat as intended?

The waypoint fan discord’s PUBG channel is at the moment a very good and healthy place to find nice people to play the game with and I think that we at least in theory could get 50-100 people together and all play in the same game.

I would love to hear thoughts about this and I think maybe the best way to do it would be if Austin and Patrick would want to get behind it (kind of like what polygon has done with Awful Squad a couple of times).


Apologies if I’m bumping this, I’m new here and don’t quite understand the layout. The front page implies this is “4d” (days?) old but then the reply window warns me the topic is more than a year old so please remove this post if it is genuinely an old topic!

On topic:

I love the idea.

On another forum I visit I’ve often thought about trying to promote and “be nice on voice chat” weekend but don’t have the clout for it to gain traction. Not sure there are the raw numbers here however to be the majority of a custom PUBG server but if you do do anything like this though I’m 110% in [assuming I’m at home and awake].

Have a good day @A_Turtle and apologies again if this is an old thread!

Hey, yeah this got bumped 4 days ago from someone else liking it. I wrote this post back when pubg was first released I think.

If you are looking to play with the community you should check out the waypoint discord. I think people there still play a fair amount of pubg :slight_smile:

Thanks @A_Turtle. I’m not much of a discord person as I don’t get much time to myself for real time stuff which I guess is why I like forums. I might give it a go though. If you don’t mind, do you know how to find details of the discord channel?

Bit of shame this idea didn’t catch on but oh well. If anyone else is doing anything like this let me know as I’m a big fan of the concept!

Have great day all.