Put some cubes in a Blender [and general 3D modeling thread] (image and video intensive maybe)

So i wanted to make this forum thread, just cuz ive been getting into 3d modeling. its something that i enjoy but can do even without some material unlike video editing and making videos. But ive been having a hard time deciding which program to use. Since in school we use cinema 4d which is so much more easier and intuitive to use but i decided to go with blender since if i get used to it, it will benefit me in the future.

The point of this thread is to share your work! post some renders, post some tips post some WIPs! This doesn’t need to be blender specific but it would be cool if you could specify what program you used, for example:

Start of the post:

[picture or a tip, or something]
End Post.

Cant wait to see yalls renders and things you’re working on!



So to start this thread off…i will post my WIP, mind you im very new to this so please don’t be mean but do give me some tips!

So right off the bat, it doesnt look good image
This was supposed to be a fun project! But im getting more and more tired of it, and god i have no idea how to texture things. Anyhow heres how it looks so far.

I already know that i have to redo the right circle, and the base of the object is kinda off but im not too worried about that. Im gonna try to fix the right circle thing (the mistake was i clicked apply to a boolean and saved my project, and once i reopened it there was no way of going back).

I still have problems with the object if i render it smooth, and for some reason i cant change its color?


Two radiolorians, chilling in the infinite blender voidradiolorians


Oh these look so good,how did you make them??

Sorry 'bout the late reply!

What I did for them was start with ico spheres and delete vertices until they were more or less covered in hexagons (some bits were rough since you can’t actually make a sphere out of hexagons, but hey radiolorians aren’t perfectly even either <_<), then extruded all the faces inwards, and joined them up on the inside (this part was a lot easier with the round one than the one on the left…) The pointy bits were just extruded and scaled.

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ohh coool, they look so neat, i’ve fallen behind on doing 3d stuff, but cant wait to get back to it

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