'Pyre' Sees Exploitation Where Sports Meet Faith

Don't trust the process.

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FYI: Article calls your team the “Nighthawks” when it is actually the “Nightwings”

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Hm, the parallel between sports and religion, while certainly interesting, wasn’t what I found really compelling about Pyre. It was the building of bonds with a cast of interesting team members that drew me in. And the wistfulness that resulted as those characters were liberated. While the narrative treated The Rites as a somber religious endeavor, it only truly felt somber to me as liberated characters mounted, leading to a sense of separation that you felt both in the absence of those characters from the VN parts of the game, and that you felt mechanically through the holes in your roster. The religious weight of The Rites was not earned for me by the sports metaphor, but by invoking the pain of separation. The more your roster thins, the more it feels like The Rites are the only salvation from a lonely existence.

But then maybe this is just the part of the game that impacted me given that I’m not much of a sports fan.

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I loved this article, missed it when it came out, and am happy Austin RTed it today so I could read. I LOVE Pyre and this article really gets at the heart of why. Nothing to add further than that, just wanted to chime in that I thought it was real great and resonated w me.

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