Quality/Durable Clothing Recommendations


Eight or nine years ago I bought a 10 Year Hoodie from Flint & Tinder and it’s still in pretty alright shape. It was my go-to hoodie for the kinda-cold-but-not-too-cold weather and has lasted much much longer than most other articles of clothing I’ve owned. The elbows are worn a little thin and the ends of the sleeves are fraying a bit but apparently they have a policy that within the 10 years of owning it you can send it in for repairs for free, so I may attempt that soon.


My Dad used to get a voucher for Red Wings from his union. He swore by them and when I started working he bought me a pair. For whatever reason I tore through the soles in about 6 months. He worked on a factory floor and I worked on more abrasive surfaces. But he was not happy that I wrecked a very nice pair of boots in one summer.


Hah! That “buy it for life” subreddit I linked to may as well be called /r/redwingsanddarntough for how often those brands are mentioned there.


The thing is you’re supposed to get new soles put on your boots - I have boots that are on their sixth soles.


Yeah, but they’re supposed to last a little bit longer than that. He’d just spent a fair amount of money on them, only to have to spend more after seemingly no time at all.


I’ve gone through “oil resistant” soles in three months. Still cheaper than buying boots.


Learning basic sewing skills can help a lot with this too. I ruined many pairs of pants when I was younger because they were longer than they should have been and the hems ripped. Being able to repair a small hole in a sweater/pair of jeans or reattach a popped button can save your clothes too. A big hole in my clothes usually only happens when I let a small hole get bigger over time.


I really hope this thread turns out to be the start of the Waypoint prepper community.

As opposed to people trying to make worthwhile purchases in this late capitalism disaster.

It can be both, right?


I’m very rough on boots. I’ve ruined 3 pair over the past 3-4 years, two leather pair of Clarks and one suede pair from somewhere I don’t remember. This is despite using shoe grease, protective spray and a suede care kit. I don’t get what I’m doing wrong. At least when I was walking to and from work in the snow and my job required me to be on my feet all day it made sense, but I’ve had an office job for years now and my shoes are still a mess. I only have one pair that have lasted more than a year and I’m scared if I wear them too much they’ll fall apart too.


I’m down for a Waypoint prepper thread. It and this deserve there own threads.


I stopped wearing boots for a really long time because I was mostly walking in the city, but I ruined a lot of sneakers just b/c of what I now recognize as the Vimes Boot Theory. I could only ever really afford one pair on my own. Sometimes I would get a pair from my mom on my birthday. The lack of rotation, combined with the temperature and climate of the tropics, as well as ill pairings between shoe and environment basically ruined my shoes constantly.

For shoes, my imo is to keep them clean with a damp cloth, use a water repellent, and pick the right shoes for the right occasion. Don’t try and walk the city with slip-ons or flip-flops. Don’t take heels to the beach. Don’t go hiking in the woods with sneakers on. Shoes are designed with certain places in mind, and you can usually tell that by advertisements.

Jeans I actually have a good handle on, since I worked at a high end department store that sold designer denim. Picked up a pair of Adriano Goldschmied jeans there for like $30 on sale once and they were the most comfortable jeans I ever wore until I got too big for them. If you’re going to wash jeans, don’t use too much detergent and don’t bother putting them in the dryer. If you’re going to wear designer denim or dyed denim, don’t put them in the washer either. You can soak them solution of vinegar water, then hang dry them. The smell goes away after it dries and it keeps the dyes from staining literally everything else. Alternatively, just mist them with water/vodka, put them in the freezer and wash maybe once a month.

P.S. Never ever use fabric softener on anything. Especially denim.


Link to the Vimes Boot Theory in case anyone is curious about the source of that.


I have Opinions about cookstoves, water filtration, and backpacks


realistically every leftist should have a BOB in spite of the right-wing culture with which they have been most closely associated. plus assembling them is darkly fun!!


I appreciate everyone’s suggestions so far. This has been incredibly helpful!

@kcin Thanks for sharing the reddit link. I was searching for a thread like that but didn’t know what it was called.


It’s been a while since I’ve some serious clothing shopping but Uniqlo is pretty cheap and their clothes are more durable than anything I’ve seen at the price point. Their ocbds are especially nice.


Ask me about my multiple BOBs :wink:.


What? But what if I were to beat you to them after TEOTWAWKI and take your supply of precious clean water, N95 masks, and small caliber arms?


Some of the obvious ones are booby trapped with claymores. Test your luck if you like.

Dexterity roll + 2 D4 to see if you survive.