Quantic Dream Is Suing Journalists. We Have Some Thoughts.

After a massive 4/20 stream involving Spy Party, Battletech, and building various Nintendo Labo projects, Austin, Patrick and Danielle have plenty to talk about. But there's much more than that on this cast, which includes thoughts on Swords of Ditto, David Cage's latest controversy, and...60s board games.

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My first thought upon seeing the lawsuit was “why would anyone want to review their games going forward, if they sue journalists?” Sure, it’s not likely that they’ll sue for a bad review … but then, no one thought it was likely that they’d sue anyone at all, so who knows?

it is with a heavy heart that i must announce that david cage is at it again


Wow. Whoever edited this, <3.

The… extremely good use of dead air was… very good.

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On this podcast, Austin mentioned that Harebrained schemes had released some useful material for learning Battletech, but I can’t for the life of me find it. Would anybody happen to have a link?

Outside of the QD stuff, are folks familiar with Lenna’s Inception? Akin to Swords of Ditto, it’s another Procedural Zelda-like (for lack of a better term) and really dives into a Link’s Awakening influence, particularly in its art direction. It’s been in development since at least 2013, and it has a really good approach to world generation. It really does feel like exploring a new world each run you do, since it strays away from template-based procgen. The systems are smart enough that it can block off areas until you have certain items so there’s always a good sense of progression and cohesion with each run.

it has been in early beta for a few years now, so who knows when it’ll actually be completed. It’s largely a one man team that’s being worked on in his spare time. At the very least it’s well worth a shoutout (and fun fact, it was one of my first ever itch.io purchases)


On the Paradox YouTube and Twitch accounts they’ve been showing off the game, and explaining it.

Here’s a playlist of game mechanics/overview stuff on one of Paradox’s accounts. You can also try digging through the Twitch VoDs but I think a number of the Battletech streams were not archived, so the YouTube playlist is probably a better resource.


Ah, stellar, thank you very much.

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I totally got distracted by this other tangent that I didn’t give room to breathe, but here’s the guide I was going to mention!