Question about the question bucket

I sent a question to the question bucket an hour or two ago and it’s kinda topical and political and relevant to the events of last weekend (specifically about the ACLU in relation to the events of last weekend). I was wondering if there’s some way to get someone to take a look at it to see if they wanna read it on the show tomorrow. It doesn’t necessarily have an expiration date? But at the rate things have been moving since election day it could get stale real quick.

IIRC, at least once Austin read a topical question outside of the traditional “give me a number” QB routine on Friday. If he (or who gonna be in charge) would find it worthy, then they gonna read it.

They used to have a rule of digging deep into the bucket on one day, and skimming the top on another day. Austin has also picked questions specifically beforehand given the events of a given week. Austin has implied he tries to check the Questions emails most week days (and definitely the day before a podcast). Though things seem to have been especially busy at Waypoint lately so they’re behind at refilling (and also gutting) the bucket.

Yes, new question on Monday and old(ish) on Friday. Then they answered a bunch of questions during a couple of last Permadeaths.


I don’t know whether the staff read your question out, as I haven’t dug into the new podcast yet, but, in addition to what the folks have said above, I would suggest that, even if it isn’t read out, a good question will stay good, regardless of the topicality. Even if the specifics of a situation have evolved or changed since the question was asked, there still remain points of principle to be explored and discussions to be had.

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