Quick Q about Binary Domain


I bought it in anticipation of that good discussion. Booted it up, and the voice recognition just straight up did not work. Is it necessary for the best experience? Should I try to dig up a better mic or just pay with the manual commands?


So… It isn’t required, but I think one of my most interesting meta comments about it came from it?

It’s kinda old, and even with a pretty good mic, it felt broken as hell a lot of the time. Squad mates would missread commands, or hear white noise as comments, and I’d be repeating myself, or they’re head what I said as something completely different.

The voice test seemed like a good metric. I think if you can get it working half the time or more, it might be interesting, or frustrating enough that you’d want to turn it off anyways. If you can get it working 75-80% of the time, I’d leave it on as something that will, undoubtedly be discussed some. (But also, having it off gives you another experience/viewpoint which people who had it on all game will have missed, so it works either way really.)


I played without a mic and the manual voice commands worked fine. Maybe not the ideal experience the devs wished for , but it’s something.


that’s what i was a little afraid of. The cursory reading I did about the game suggested that the mic plays an interesting role. But ultimately the game ought to be physically playable. So I think I’ll turn it off.


Keep it off, like with the Kinect support for Mass Effect 3 you’ll be able to play way more effectively without it.


The voice commands in this game are terrible, and if you happen to be streaming it, your escorts will just pick up random words and keep responding.

I think I am about half way through though, and I have left them one. So take my feedback with a grain of salt :slight_smile:


I just beat the game without using the voice commands at all. Didn’t even have a mic connected to my computer. I barely used the controller based commands. You can pretty much just play it like gears of war.


The voice recognition is broken, but I love it.

I was trying to give commands to Big Bo early in the game. The voice recognition registered me saying Big Bo, I love you. Big Bo awkwardly replies, “Can we talk about this later?”

It was so funny.


Yeah, it messed up for me more than it worked, but as a whole it contributed a lot to… thoughts about the game? In a probably unintentional way. Maybe intentional.

I think my worst was hitting tab to check on suggestions for responses, and I went to say “No problem” but it didn’t get “problem,” and I just said “no,” which my squad mate really didn’t like.


Installed this game for the game club, but after reading all of the above it sounds like kind of a mess? Worth it to play just to participate?


I would, particularly if it’s installed. This has mostly been about the voice recognition stuff.

Basically, the game has a dialogue system through which you can interact with the other characters in the game via microphone. It’ll change how they feel about you, depending on how you interact with them. I believe you can just turn it off, and use keyboard inputs to do the same or similar things.


The voice command stuff is not integral to the game and that was the only thing that was an issue. Well aside from the controller support stuff. Had to go to devices and disable the HID compliant game controller for my 360 controller to work correctly but once I did that it worked fine.


I think it’s definitely worth playing. The voice recognition stuff doesn’t work great, but the game does give you an option to hold down a button (RB/R1 by default) to bring up 4 contextual things you can say. In some ways, I think this is preferable, because it shows you what sorts of responses the game is expecting (like a character might ask what seems like an open ended question, but the game is really just looking for a yes or a no from you).