Quick Thoughts on Capcom's Inspired, Scary as Hell 'Resident Evil 2' Remake


Capcom’s Resident Evil 2 remake is out later this week, and I’m roughly halfway (I think? Who knows?) through Leon Kennedy’s half of the story. The short version is horror fans should be very excited—it’s excellent. I’ll have more fully formed thoughts on Friday’s episode of Waypoint Radio, alongside a longer essay on how Capcom approached a remake/reboot/reimagining, but a few quick thoughts, since the review embargo just lifted:

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Bringing Mr X into the main campaign as opposed to the replay seems like a good idea imo


I have the same experience with the Resident Evil series that I once had with the Zelda series, which is not at all until The One came out.
With Zelda it was Wind Waker and then BotW, and with RE it might be 2 Remake?

I played the 30 min demo a few days ago and had a good ass time; it just felt good to move around and explore the halls of the station and as someone who’s anxious around jumpy horror this felt like it leaned just enough towards atmospheric and eerie to make it viable for me to play.

In the demo I had bullets and healing just bursting out of my satchel though when I realised the average zambo went down in one or two focused headshots.
It ended just as they were teasing a licker (I think?) so I probably had an avenue for those resources coming at me fast.


RE4 was the first one in the series that I played, and it’s still one of my favorite games to this day. It has such a good sense of risk vs reward when it comes to resource management, which RE5 and 6 completely missed the point on in favor of bad action setpieces.

I played a very small amount of RE7, but it gave me the worst motion sickness I’ve ever gotten from a game (RE6 was coincidentally the last one to cause this) and had to put it down. Something about the way the camera moves immediately puts a knot in my stomach.

I’ve only played a small amount of REmake and just didn’t enjoy the fixed-camera style of gameplay, it’s disorienting in a way that I can’t get over. I didn’t try the demo of this RE2 remake, but I’m curious of how close the gamefeel is to RE4’s.

Though the usage of non-unionized voice actors is really off-putting.


Oh boy I’m so ready for all the Resident Evil bullshit, I had to play the remake in anticipation to curb the hype and ended up playing the original 2 and 3 on top of it … no regrets.

This is a thorn in my side with the game, made worse because several important sites don’t even mention it in their reviews (Polygon, RPS, The Guardian, IGN, Gamespot), more change is needed in this area.


So just a heads up, I was in the same boat as you when it comes to RE7. When the demo came out, it gave me the WORST motion sickness, the kind of motion sickness I haven’t experienced since I was a little kid in a car seat. I played for less than an hour and I had to go lie down in a dark room for a while.

Assuming you’re not playing in VR, there are a few key settings you can tweak and for me it totally resolved the problem. If you turn off head bob, motion blurring, and whatever they call the depth of field setting, it becomes so much better.

I don’t know if you tried that and still had a problem, but it went from a game that made me verge of vomiting nauseous to one of my top three for that year.