Radical Heights might be the Fortnite killer

At the time of me writing this, Radical Heights is the 3rd most watched game on Twitch right now.

And while people on Twitter and YouTube are having their hot takes about how this is gonna fail, All I’m seeing in these Twitch chats are comments like:

“What’s this game?”

“Is this on Steam?”

“Is this free?”

“Does this have duo’s/squads?”

“When is this coming to console?”

“When is this coming to the App store?”

Now me personally, I haven’t played it yet. But I’m rotating between 3 or 4 different streams, and this game actually has some really interesting unique mechanics that the other 2 BR juggernauts simply don’t. Like how the 80’s game show aesthetic also informs the games mechanics. And surprisingly, microtransactions don’t seem too prevalent. Also the way the map closes in is very different. It’s not a circle that gets smaller. It’s a grid that pushes players down certain paths the longer the match goes on.

Is this a cynical cash grab? Yes. Is this a good game? It definitely seems like it is.

Interesting. I confess I was one of the ones who wrote it off when we heard about it, due to the obvious bandwagon-jumping and attempt to directly compete with some of the most popular games in the world. But I wouldn’t be unhappy to be wrong.

If they managed to find that mechanical edge that differentiates them enough from PUBG and Fortnite, and proves intriguing enough to draw in their own audience, then credit where credit is due - that’s impressive. I certainly wasn’t expecting it to rise to the top 3 most streamed list immediately.

Part of me can’t help but wonder if it’s just a result of people going “huh, wonder what this new thing is,” and then before long they’ll lose interest and go back to the more established titles? But the mechanics do sound potentially quite interesting (in particular the grid-shaped wall) so who knows.

I think the in-game money/game show mechanics are probably the most unique. But what’s most standout to me is the momentum of RH. it’s not a single mechanic, it’s the fact that there’s no parachute. You just fall from the sky and land with a roll. It’s the combat roll mechanic itself. Forget opening and closing doors, you can do that but why when you can just kick them off the hinges?

I’m surprised that I’m actually looking forward to playing this.

Do you still choose where to land, or is your starting position assigned randomly?

I’m definitely interested in checking it out, but I think it’s a bit premature to call it a “Fortnite killer”, especially considering that it’s in Early Access with half of its textures missing and is only on one platform. Still, I definitely see potential in the persistent aspects of the game.

Plus, if anything, a battle royale with The Running Man vibes seems like a great combo.

I’m not familiar with this game (and will need to become so), but my general sense is that anything that is dubbed an ‘X killer’ is slain by what it aims to unseat.


A little of both. You don’t get to choose where you free fall, but once you’re falling you have control over where you land.

My main issue with Fortnite (besides the building stuff) is its super generic, bland, uninspired cartoon artstyle. This looks like it has a lot of that but is doubling down on “wackiness” factor in a way that feels like it’s trying way too hard for me.

I like seeing stuff like The Hunt: Showdown trying to make something inspired by these battle royale behemoths like PUBG or Fortnite but drastically changing the formula and focusing on crafting an atmospheric world to inhabit and explore, even going so far as to present some lore to think about. The one thing most of these royale games have in common is there’s a fair amount of downtime between tense encounters with other players, so it’s nice to have cool stuff to look at and places to poke around in. I hope we see more aesthetic variety as more devs get in on this.


Off-Topic, but “The Fortnight Killer” is a rad af serial killer name.





The man who started Epic Games and Boss Key made a franchise of games and books where girls are pumped full of steroids so they can have babies as soon as possible. I’m not at all surprised that neither he nor anyone working for him has thought about how men being the default is unnecessary and alienating.

This is an issue that keeps coming up and the solution is obvious.

RH is already as flamboyant as could be in artstyle. But honestly there’s no excuse for this kind of shit anymore. Cliffy B. and many men his age, White and otherwise are so stuck in their ways. It’s like “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” personified, but as a whole group of people.

These are the same people making the “Dad games” that I was done with after The Last of Us.

Not sure if this needs clarification or not, but “MAKE IT GAY YOU COWARDS” to me means “Keep non-cis/hetero people in mind.”

But I’ve jumped the gun, that’s not what happened here. Boss Key just didn’t think enough of women to create a female-coded character model alongside their male-coded one.


If anyone wants to give the devs some constructive feedback on why this is a problem.

Re: The premise of this thread -
Maybe someday?
I wouldn’t put anything on your calendar for this year though.

As bad as the baseline concept of games “killing” one another is on almost all fronts. It’s a dumb concept. It’s not a thing. Also, however, it’s worth noting that right now RH is in a really really rough spot, and this bad a launch is a bad start.

That said, I think there’s plenty of room for a Battle Royale like this, with the simplified nearly hitscan if not hitscan shooter combat without the Fortnite building mechanics. There’s a few interesting things the game does with drop mechanics, circle closing, etc.

I don’t think Radical Heights will ever be able to compete with either of the two big players. It’s a half-step between Fortnite and PUBG’s different interpretations of the Battle Royale format, which means the only thing about it that will scans as new and different is its art style. Now I know we’re still ensconced in 80s nostalgia, Ready Player One just came out, but the people who have made Fortnite a phenomenon were born this century. They aren’t hankering for some Goonies references or a Delorean to turn up in the game. It may as well be a period-piece to most pre-teens.

I guess if RH wants to capture the gen X’ers who haven’t been drawn in by Fortnite then they might be able to carve out a segment for themselves, but I can’t see this ever posing a threat to Epic’s pole position in the market.

I echo this as well, I haven’t seen any streams yet but the 'tude of the trailers kinda put me off a bit.

I’ll check it out for sure, but I’m already coming into it, however subconsciously, hesitant at best.

I wonder if we’ll see the same pattern when WoW was at the top and everyone wanted a slice of the pie. Which is to say, initial interest when something new comes out and in a month everyone goes back to what they played before.

People didn’t go back to playing H1Z1 after PUBG came out so ¯\_(ツ) _/¯


I played a few rounds last night and almost won a game and overall I think it’s got potential.

One thing I will praise it for is its Grid Lockout mechanic. Instead of just having a circle constrict, the game will block off grids of the map and slowly work it’s way down into one grid and the Showcase Shootout. What’s neat about that is the remaining grids aren’t in any consistent shape meaning sometimes the final five grids are a straight line or a T or goofy shapes and I think that’s kind of cool and original.