Radiotopia Coin Check


I got my coins right here! But Radiotopia isn’t just 99% Invisible, my favorite show on the network is The Memory Palace. Check it out if you haven’t, the episode “Mary Walker Would Wear What She Wanted” is one of my favorites:

What are your favorite episodes from Radiotopia shows?


The Below, From Above episode of The Memory Palace has stuck with me ever since I listened to it. Its a great story about how they dealt with having to dig under water when building the Brooklyn Bridge.


While 99pi is my one true love, the Kusanagi episode of Song Exploder is insane


I’ve got my coin! Took me a year to get it after the last one was dropped off the side of a ship in the Carribean or something, probably. My favourite show on the network is 99% Invisible and I think my favourite episode is Vox Ex Machina or Ten Thousand Years. Anything about failed government projects, official secrets or abandoned things is like catnip to me.


My favourite episode of any podcast of all time is from Banjamen Walker’s show before he started Theory of Everything. It was called’s Too Much Information with Benjamen Walker. The episode was It’s All Over (link to pop-up player). Eventually Too Much Information’s quality went downhill and he started Theory of Everything and I didn’t make the transition. I think he may have harvested most of the good TMI segments for ToE anyway.


I love the other members of the Radiotopia family, but 99pi just has a feel I find so good.

My favorite episode is probably Children of the Magenta, which has that perfect blend of slightly-spooky, amazing-tech-that-seems-like-its-from-an-alternate-timeline, and storytelling that wraps you in.

And I’m so sad that I keep missing my chance for a coin… Next year, in beautiful, downtown Oakland, California, I guess!


Some great episodes, I think I’ve listened to all of them before, but I just added them back to my queue, thanks for the recommendations! There might be some new favorites of mine among them (I actually use the “starred” feature in Pocket Casts to mark these). @mosespippy I enjoyed TMI very much as well, I still like ToE, especially the episodes about technology (the “Instaserf” series was really good, I thought), but somehow it has lost some of its poetry?

My favorite 99pi episodes are all a bit older, but probably because their impact was so high. I think many people can remember the first time they heard Roman’s voice and how he constructs his episodes, like @Yuinova said, the feeling the 99pi team creates is so incredibly dense and impactful. Even the very first Kickstarter pledge video was amazingly cool, I still remember that well.

  • Episode 05 - 99% Forgotten About a statue (or lack thereof) in San Francisco. I hiked up the little hill when I was in SF a few years ago, while listening to the episode, a really cool experience (the one about Sutro baths is also cool to listen to while you actually look at the ruins).
  • Episode 35 - Elegy for WTC The sound recordings of the towers swaying in the wind and the very emotional interview with the structural engineer made this episode leave a lasting impression on me.
  • Episode 43 - The Accidental Music of Imperfect Escalators Again an episode about things making unintentional sounds (I think I really like this aspect of our lived-in world) and one the first episodes by Sam Greenspan (it was from his own, short-lived podcast “Random Tapes,” if I remember correctly). I just think this episode is really poetic and opens up a new perspective. I also made sure to seek out the singing escalators when I was in DC two years ago and rode them a couple of times just to listen. It really is a cool/weird sound.


It’s one of my favorite things to listen or read something about the place I’m going right before I go there or when I’m there. Last year a friend and I finished the audiobook of American Gods right as we pulled up to House on the Rock.