'Rage 2' Is 'Doom' Meets 'Mad Max' Meets Mediocrity

You know the drill here, even if you haven’t played Rage 2. You drive up to a roadblock, or a small village, or a fortified gas station and the icon on your map lets you know it’s still full of enemies and different flavors of loot chests. So you pull the car around, hop out, and then vault the barricades to start the fight. There’s no point in scouting in Rage 2. It’s a game of momentum: you move forward toward the enemy, blazing away until you run out of ammo and then switching weapons to stay on the offensive without missing a beat. There’s even a perk that lets your idle weapons reload automatically while they’re holstered, just to encourage this exact behavior.

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If my feelings on the last Far Cry are any indication, I’m likely going to hate this from the sound of things. Can’t wait to play it.

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Love a good meets meets!!

I still actually would love to play this even if RAGE 1, while it had incredible shooting, was basically an alpha of an actual good Rage game.

Unfortunately I’m boycotting it because they have an extension that links your game to Twitch so that people watching you stream it can effect the game, but did NOT call the extension enRAGEment.

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I always thought this looked mediocre but I was hoping I could wait for a price drop and this could be my new podcast game. Is it even worth that?

Looks like something I will play when it’s added to the Xbox Gamepass

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I’ve replayed Doom 2016 for the forth time with Xbox games pass. Liked what Id did with the new Wolfenstein games as well even though mechanically New Colossus was a bit over the place. I didn’t mind Rage when I first played it, I was mostly blown away by the graphics and the movement of the enemies through some of those levels. However, I don’t think the combat was as slick as they got it for Doom and Wolfenstein, maybe that’s because I played it on console. Was hoping Rage 2 would at least be a good shooter. After this review maybe I just keep playing Doom until Eternal comes out.

this might be something people have already read but; remember last E3, when Chris Plante mentioned to a developer that using cleft palates as a shorthand for freakishness was shitty, and the dev promised to look into changing that?

… yeah that didn’t happen.


It really is starting to feel like they could have recycled the Far Cry New Dawn review and just crossed out “Far Cry” and wrote in “Rage 2”. Every Western AAA game in 2019 feels like a C+ at best, and weirdly they’re all post-apocalyptic open world games too.

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I got through the prologue, and I can tell you that the game looks to function pretty much exactly like Far Cry 5, but in reverse, as you help lieutenants gain power so you can take on “The Authority”

It’s not off to a strong start

Those were MachineGames, not Id.