Raiders of the Broken Planet - a 4 Player Co-Op Adventure


Hot off the momentum of releasing Metroid: Samus Returns, developer MercurySteam released their newest game yesterday. Raiders of the Broken Planet is a 4-Player Co-Op shooter - much like Left 4 Dead, Warhammer: Vermintide - that stars a cast of unique characters banding together to repel the invading human forces draining away their last, vital resources of life: The Aleph.

Right. Bulletpoints!

  • On PS4 / Xbox One / Steam / W10. X1/W10 are crossplay enabled.
  • The game also features a 4v1 asymmetric mode where opposing force controls a character to attack alongside the AI.
  • Features a nifty melee system designed for CQC fights.
  • Each Campaign ( think L4D campaigns) features 4-5 episodes, and new characters to unlock. The first campaign and future, individual campaigns are $9.99 each. There’s a prologue campaign that’s available for free, which includes a tutorial and a single player mission

Right, so, I’ve been playing it and…it’s fun!


I am downloading this on PS4 right now. Is the Prologue enough to get the point of the game across, or do I really need to buy one of the story chapters to get a good feel for it?


The Tutorial teaches you the basics of the shooting+grappling system and it has a quick guide to really get into the deeper part of the mechanics.

The first mission is a general layout of how some of the missions in Alien Myths go