Rainbow Six: Siege


I played like 4 hours of this last night and logged back in this morning. I like the new operators a lot more than I thought I would though I’m still not clear about all the details of their abilities.
I just got ranked in the new season and I am yet again placed in gold even though I’m not that good. I’m starting to think that I’m just very skilled at presenting myself as a threat. In defense I can slow them down. On offense I can divert their attention. I don’t know. It can be demoralizing to keep winning matches where I got 1-3 kills yet we still win. Like, what am I doing to end up here consistently?


I feel like reading the situation and having good spatial awareness makes you an even better threat than a good marksman. I don’t know how to aim and my reflexes are dull so I take pleasure in trying to control the space I’ve been given to give an advantage to my teammates.

Not as gratifying as shooting the opposite team but still useful.


Being a distraction is a valid way to play, especially on defense. With ranked being so short, having one or two roamers delay a push until the last 30 seconds is usually a recipe for success.

I also ended up in gold last season and I don’t think I’m “that” good.


I’m not necessarily saying that I am objectively not good at the game, it’s just that the kill-count is tabulated and easily accessible AND I am watching these other players of similar rank play and I am not nearly as skilled during an actual moment of breach as what I’m seeing. Often I can’t even tell that it is someone’s head behind a desk rather than thematic desk objects! Though I do know what wall to empty a magazine into in order to stir a room up.
It’s fine, I just needed to vent after accidentally shooting a hostage in the head when it was me versus three. Pro tip: When they grab the hostage initially and start moving, the hostage gets whipped back behind them kinda taking the place where the enemy who grabs them was standing. Oh my gosh my team complained so much. It’s like… I don’t know why y’all are ranked the same as me! I’m just a lucky mascot.


I’ve had this for a while, but I find it super hard to get good at.

I just end up getting frustrated. I know I’ve got to learn the maps and “git gud” but it’s hard to put in the time when there are other games I am actually good at.


Siege can be tricky to get into. You’ve gotta keep playing until you really learn your operators and maps, just being good at shooting isn’t enough and tactical knowledge is incredibly important to it. I used to play it a lot, and even have an unfinished LP of the game. I do want to return to it sometime. I play on PS4.


I’ve been playing Siege while waiting on Destiny 2 PC, for about a week now and I kinda really enjoy it as a new player.

Sure I’m terrible at the actual game, but I never really feel bad about it. It’s actually kind of interesting to me. If I lose in Overwatch I get salty as heck, regardless of mode. In Seige, I don’t get mad, I have a good time, even when losing terribly.


I think a fun part of Siege is when you die it’s often like a puzzle is presented and it’s time to figure out exactly why you died and what precautions you could take in the future. Did you give away your position somehow, were you in a dangerous area, did allies not give good intel? I love solving it and figuring out what to improve on.


That’s definitely part of it. I think another part is the structure of the game itself. I’m also playing with friends and the game allows for some interesting and fun reactions between players.

In a game like OW most of your interaction is related to the enemy team. Seige has this, but there are elements that are not, which is kind of fun to me.


I’m using a trackball now to avoid wrist-pain and I’m very resistant to trying it in Siege. I don’t mind the disconnect between what I’m trying to do and what my dexterity is capable of in Overwatch or Battlefield (with the exception of sniping), but it frustrates me so much in Siege generally that I haven’t mustered up the courage to try it with a trackball. Hypothetically I’ll eventually get ranked somewhere where it won’t matter as much, but I still don’t think I’ll be able to pull off manuevers like quickly clearing corners after blowing a wall as Thermite or shooting a Frost-trap while hurdling a barricade.
Maybe if I start using shotguns exclusively…