Rakuen: the lovely game with a "Hi Mom" button


Not many people have been talking about Rakuen, it’s an RPG maker game about a boy in the hospital who takes a trip with his Mom to a Ghibli-ish world. Through this world he and his mom help the other people in the hospital in various ways, and their stories are all pretty incredible. There is no combat in the game, it’s all puzzle solving and dialog, the shell is pretty similar to “To The Moon” but the story it tells resonated with me much more (less reliance on reference humor as well). You can buy it on steam, it’s worth the 10 dollars.

There aren’t that many good Moms in games, this story has an incredible Mom and it’s about her as much as the son. It is really sad and super heartwarming at the same time, be prepared for tears of all kinds. If you can get past the rather rudimentary RPG maker engine there is a unique (to games) story about death and familial love that I can’t stop thinking and crying about. If this sounds like something you would like you should check it out, and if you have played the game I want to hear about your reaction to it too.

And yeah, press q to Hi Mom.


It’s on my list. Probably play it this weekend.