Random Threads Not Loading and the Number for Unread

Random (but always the same) threads don’t load while everything else does. Example is the Rules and Code of Conduct doesn’t even load.

Also for the notifications at the top of the page, mainly for Unread - reading or dismissing (how to get rid of the pop up for dismissing? I want to keep them but not have to see unread right after reading) - shows on the tab. Well that number doesn’t go away even after reading/dismissing unless you do a hard refresh, as in click the button on your browser.

as far as the Code of Conduct page goes, a common fix is disabling ad-block. there’s a sticky thread about it in the Site Feedback category: Can’t See the Rules?

as far as the Unread/New category counts, i personally just click on Unread again and it updates the number for me

Code of Conduct isn’t loading for me either. I know it was working at some point in the past, but it’s jut a blank screen now.

edit: for reference, I’m accessing on Firefox.

Didn’t even see that sticky as I never went into the site feedback category -.-

I went to the rules one because I saw that on frontpage after a boot.